Monday, June 20, 2011

how to tick off your readers...

let's get back to laughing... what better way than to laugh at yourself!!

top ten ways to tick off your readers!

10. write a post about how they spend their money. throw in the insinuation that they will have to answer to the Big Guy for those choices!

9. write about potty training. who knew people had such sensitive feelings about potty training?

8. a post about discipline is always a sure fire way to get anger. every mom thinks she's doing it the right way. tell them that's not how you think it should be done and look out. whew!

7. any post written tongue in cheek. there will always be someone who doesn't get your humor/sarcasm. it's hard to communicate that in writing.

6. talk about politics. no explanation necessary.

5. write a list of the kinds of moms who drive you crazy. that one is bound to bring out the anger...

4. discussing facebook NoNo's

3. post about your love of twilight. often.

2. the minivan nazis.

1. you can't win em all. some posts will be one reader's favorite while another is a furious. it's the name of the game. i figure if i'm not occasionally ruffling a few feathers, i'm not really saying anything!

p.s. stay tuned... a cool new feature coming in the next few days!!!

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