the princess

oh my little princess... lover of polly pockets, dirt, bugs and crowns! funny and silly and affectionate and rambunctious, all wrapped up in one itty bitty six year old package!

it's actually rather funny how she got her nickname. when she was a baby she was extremely serious and reserved. her smiles were few and far between and she really made you work for it!
she was a late walker, so she would sit on her little round baby bottom and her brother and sister would perform amazing feats to simply get her to smile.
we decided she was like a princess on her throne, waiting for her peasants to entertain her!

somewhere around a year old she decided the world was ready for her giant personality! she came out of her shell and she's never looked back!
she is the proverbial entertainer... providing comic relief at the most inappropriate times :)

she's my child that will loudly declare something in a public place that all the adults were thinking but no one wanted to say.
she'll dress up in all princess clothes from her plastic high heels to her crown jewels only to tackle her older brother in the front yard.

she loves meat of all kinds and prefers turkey as a bedtime snack over cookies.
she saddles herself up to papaw every thanksgiving to mooch peices of ham while he's carving.
you just never know what to expect from this girl

she is a daddy's girl, through and through.
she loves her baby sister and takes good care of her.
she wants to be one of the big kids sooo bad :)
she stole my heart from the moment i saw her big blue eyes and there's no going back!