Thursday, July 30, 2009

weight is just a number... weight is just a number

this is what i've been telling myself today. i almost believe it. not really. at my checkup (the one i went to after having a hazelnut latte and a huge bagel at panera with a friend) that i've gained four pounds in the last two weeks. um, that's probably not good. maybe it has something to do with the pan of mint cream brownies i made last week... and ate most of myself. or maybe the hot fudge brownie concoction i had last night at 11pm. or possibly the southern style creamy mac and cheese i made last week for a snack. whatever it is, i have to stop. really. so now i'm not allowed to eat good food or curse. sheesh.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

sometimes i just want to say bad words...

i know i've previously admitted here that i have a bit of a potty mouth. as a Jesus-loving mama, i am fully aware that profane language is off limits. i know it's a bad example, i know out of the mouth is the overflow of the heart (i'm trying not to think too deeply about that one). but i find some kind of comfort in cursing. i never do it around my kids (obviously) or really people other than theMr; and he's no help because for some reason he thinks it's cute! i try to string together non-profane words when i'm angry but it just doesn't cut it. there's something about letting the "F" bomb fly when you're really angry that soothes a little more than calling someone a stink breath, mother loving, junk monkey. know what i mean? but i really have to stop. i do. cause my mom says so.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

writer's block

i have had total writer's block... nothing funny or witty to blog about. is it the hormones? sleep deprivation? have i lost it? who knows... when in doubt, post pictures!

the belly at 8 months:!

the little man enjoying a cupcake

two of my favorite guys!

the princess and her BFF at build a bear for their birthdays!

Monday, July 13, 2009

pregnancy = no brain filter

ahhh.... it's monday again. this weekend flew by and now i'm once again counting down to another one. theMr continues working his second job so it's just me and the little people all week. nothing more fun than dragging four kids to the store when all you need is milk or having to take them with me to a doctor's office. all good times.
we went out saturday night to see my father in law's band play and also the band of a friend of ours. (shout out to homeland! check them out at i have to tell you the cutest thing. at the homeland show (which was at an outdoor amphitheater) the lead singer's wife and two year old son were there. the lead singer used to be a pastor at our church and his sister is a good friend of mine. anyway, throughout the show his son kept running toward the stage because he wanted his daddy. it was so sweet (although i'm sure not so much for his poor mother who had to try and keep him occupied the whole time). it made my heart melt for their little family and at the same time made me glad i wasn't chasing my own kids around there, LOL.
about the filter thing... i have a low filter normally. it is a constant struggle to keep my mouth from repeating what my brain is telling it at any given moment. when i'm pregnant, that filter is out the window. example? i actually glared and was rude to some stranger for not holding the door for me at speedway. did you seriously not see the big pregnant woman directly behind you? thanks so much for holding the door for me. then i found myself filled with rage at the grocery over someone staring at my two year old who was having a meltdown. uh, hello? yes, i am aware this child is causing a scene and NO i cannot do anything about it. move on. nothing to see here. if i don't have this baby soon someone is not going to make it and there's a good chance it will be a complete stranger.

Monday, July 6, 2009

picture of the week

i just think this pic is so hilarious! it was taken at the funeral home where we just had my grandmother's visitation. there is an adorable, child-sized playhouse outside. it's filled with miniature furniture and accessories. my cousin took this photo of my youngest holding a sign that was inside. the irony is that he is exactly the kind of kid you do not want to leave unattended in the playhouse!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday to the Princess!

yesterday marked the 5th birthday of the Princess!

although we couldn't celebrate yesterday, today we're off to Build-A-Bear!

your sweet, funny, little personality is a joy to anyone who knows you!

we love you princess!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

happy anniversary to us!

today is the 9th wedding anniversary of myself and theMr!

unfortunately, we spent the afternoon in the ER so i could be treated for a severe bladder infection :(

the ironic thing was that theMr had to work from early this morning until tonight, so we would not have seen each other all day. apparently we now have to take a trip to the hospital to get some time together!

even so, what a day to celebrate! definitely the best decision i've ever made!