Tuesday, May 27, 2008

forgot to post this one!

happy memorial day! ( a day late at least :) we had a great weekend. memorial day is one of my favorite holidays, along with july 4th, i love the parade! my family has a tradition where we all go together and we bring a camping stove. we make a full breakfast at the parade. over the years, friends have joined and now we have a rather large group. it was a little crazy this year, with an 18 month old, but still fun. we spend the whole day outside which was really nice. so this morning i decided we would stay home and clean. i was hoping the get the house is good order before the kid's summer break begins. about 10 am i got a call from the school that my son who's in kindergarten had put a nerd candy in his ear. are you kidding me? when i got to the school to pick him ( i had to take him to urgent care to have it removed) i asked him WHY he put it in his ear? actually, the conversation went something like this:
me: where did you get the candy?
zaza: on the floor
me: why did you put it in your ear?
zaza: you told me not to eat candy off the floor.

oohhhh....ok... that makes so much sense! i don't know if he thought by putting it in his ear it would still make it to his stomach or what! at least he remembered not to eat candy off the floor! the doctor at urgent care gave him a nice lecture as to why that's not a good idea, and then asked him if he will ever do that again. isaiah replied that he might not. i'm not too convinced by that answer.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

so i went to kohl's today, with the two little people. i don't have any money (what's new?) but we were having one of those mornings where if we didn't get out of the house someone wasn't going to live till naptime. they're tired, i'm tired, not a good combination. anyway, we're walking around the store, just looking at things and enjoying being a part of civilization. i turn around and realize the princess isn't behind me. i look back and she is standing rubbing the chest of a male manniquin. i told her to come on and she says "hold on mom, i'm checkin this guy out"> really? she then informed me that she's gonna marry that guy. i figured, well, he doesn't have a head but that may be a good thing! i can't decide if the whole thing was cute or a little bit creepy....either way it was definitely funny. she's become obsessed with getting married. she talks about it constantly. i've never had a three year old who thinks about gettting married. i'm not sure if its the wedding part, or what, but she has marriage on the brain. she decided last week she was going to marry a guy my husband works with. when we stopped by his job, she informed phil that she loves him and he's going to be her husband even though he'll be "pretty old" by the time she's old enough. he thought it was cute. where does she get this? maybe too many disney movies? at least we'll have lots of funny stories to use for the toast at her wedding!

Monday, May 12, 2008

mothers day top ten!

happy mother's day! the pics are of my wonderful mother's day gift! how blessed i am to have a husband that knows i am not a "flowers & candy" kind of mom :) its the hebrew of a verse from song of solomon.."i am my beloved's and my beloved is mine". i have been waiting several years to get this. what a great gift!
i decided to write a list today, my top ten reasons why it's great to be a mom.

10. its a good excuse for not being skinny!
9. no longer have to battle being self absorbed, its not an option anymore!
8. at least four people tell me they love me every day!
7. there's nothing like seeing your own faults mimicked by your kids to drive you to be a better person!
6. their smell after a bath!
5. seeing my husband be a dad, who knew i could love him even more!
4. making someone overwhelmed with excitement over a toy that cost a dollar!
3. seeing the grumpy man who was MY dad be a big pushover as "papaw"
2. knowing that i can make a difference every day in four little lives
1. having the honor of being called mommy

hope your mothers day was a blessing! whether you spend your days covered in spit up, nursing, driving your kids to endless activities, working (and then trying to get it all done at night!), or you've moved to the esteemed title of grandma... you deserve this day. for all the things you do, big and more importantly small, you are Mom. the best job description in the world!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

a few random pics. the far right is the princess and her very best friend. they were so excited that day because they both had pigtails!

just another day...

so this past week i had an appt for my regular checkup at the gynocologist. now technically, it had been a year and a half since i'd been there (since my last post-partem appointment!). it's been so many years since i've had to schedule a yearly checkup, since i'm always pregnant, i forgot all about it. i called for another reason and they reminded me that it was overdue. so with my husband home sick, i was able to go without children. a rare occurance indeed. as i'm walking out the door, my husband says to me "enjoy your break!" are you serious? i turned, and fueled by some raging PMS, explained to him that having a doctor do anything involving a speculum is NOT a break. he looked perplexed, apparently since the kids were not joining me in this pleasure of womanhood, it must be a break! i got to the office and they were running very behind (what's new?). i had to wait for an hour to be taken back. but to my pleasure, i ran into a very pregnant friend who i rarely see anymore. so i was able to have an hour long, uninterupted conversation. i guess when you stay home with four kids, a pelvic exam is a break!