my handsome ZaZa... my first son... oh how i wanted a boy sooo much.... oh how i had no idea how you would change my life! your infectious smile, that devious twinkle ever present in your eyes, your mind always working at full speed!

never have i encountered a child who can build and create like this boy. give him any materials at all and he'll make you something incredible. he can take apart any object and figure out how to put it back together. i should know, he started doing so at a year old!~

while some children wait to be told which path to follow, ZaZa bursts forward to forge his own! his enthusiasm, joy and excitement never dim.

he loves with his whole heart and looks for ways to make anothe smile. whether it's spending his allowance on candy for his friends or picking a flower for mommy. he is a lover at heart.

we haven't had a dull moment in this house in eight years since this guy was born :)
i wouldn't have it any other way!