Friday, June 3, 2011

yada yada yada

i have a lot of random things floating through my head today... we'll just go with it.

i was reading a blog earlier where she was writing about an impromptu weekend getaway their family recently took. i cannot even wrap my brain around an "impromptu" getaway. do you know how much preparation it takes me to simply go to the grocery? the amount of forethought and packing required to take this family away for an entire weekend is anything but impromptu. i wonder if i'll ever have a life where that kind of thing is possible?

my middle child graduated kindergarten this week. i've never been the mom that cries and i always feel guilty for it. all the other moms are a mess and i got nothin. do they love their kids more than me? am i just emotionally stunted? is it because this is my third child to graduate from kindergarten? maybe when it's my last i'll cry?

notice how red her face is? yeah, the next morning we found out she had strep!
(even though my mom, the school nurse, said that's not what a strep rash looks like!)

last week was our town's huge memorial day parade. this is a big tradition in my family. we all go and make a full breakfast at the parade. pretty much all of our traditions involve attaching meals to significant dates. we like to eat. what can i say?

miss esme is finally moving out of our room this weekend! hallelujah! normally it would've happened way sooner but this house is just too small. she is moving in with the two other girls. she goes to bed at 7pm so we'll see how it goes. i'm just looking forward to never sharing my room with a baby again!

that's it for now. i know, it was totally worth the time you spent reading.


Sassy said...

What a fun weekend! I confess, I am usually the emotional mom crying in the corner. lol I think just the realization that they are growing so fast, and no matter how much you want to hold onto their youth they just keep growing. :( Makes me sad just thinking about it.

Hope the Princess is on the mend and feels better soon!

Sarah said...

I can cry over everything. Although I won't do it in front of others :D BTW: when all of mine had strep that is exactly what their faces look like too. It was one reason why my mom (she's an ANP) told me to demand testing for strep. Of course my dad who is also a nurse would have told me differently LOL