miss esme

oh my sweet baby esme! the second biggest surprise of my life :) how did i ever make it before you?

she is my baby that came after i thought i was done having babies... and made me question if i could be done having babies! she is precious and cute and feisty!

she is mama's girl through and through. she's my sidekick. my baby BFF.

she makes me happy to get up in the morning (mostly :) and anxious to get home on the rare occasion i get a break! she's a cuddler too, but watch out: she'll lean in to hug you and bite instead!
(it probably doesn't help that we find this hilarious!)

she is nearly one year old and the world is her oyster! she's busy crawling around, eating anything the vacuum missed and pulling lamps off tables. oh, and trying to steal her siblings food!
she is my joy and heart and i am so very thankful that the Lord decided for me that i wasn't done :)