Tuesday, June 28, 2011


our anniversary is this weekend. i know this because facebook reminded me. 11 long years.... just kidding :) i know ten years is supposed to be the big one, but if you recall, theMr was just getting out of the hospital last year and was still using a walker! needless to say, there was little celebration and more focus on him learning to walk and being able to work again! so this year, we have a fabulous date planned and we'll (hopefully) enjoy it much more than last year... with no chance of getting pregnant!!!

i wanted to write this post for him. because he gets lots of laughs on this blog but at the end of the day, he's awesome :)

dear elijah,
can you believe we've been on this ride for eleven years? not to mention the five babies... i've thought hard about what i could give you for our anniversary. while i wish i could afford to get you a new trailer or designer sunglasses or even a new truck, i can't. i can't even offer a wife who's not moody or laundry that's always caught up or my wedding day body. all i have to give you is me! stretchmarks and moods and all! when i took those vows eleven years ago, i had no idea what i was agreeing to. i understand fully now... and i commit them to you for as long as i live...

i, theMrs, take you, theMr, to continue being my husband.
to have and to hold, even when i don't feel like it.
in sickness, health, and all the kids getting the stomach flu,
when there's extra money for pizza or when we're using change for iced coffee...
through good times, bad times and all the mundane in between...

i vow to always make your favorite dinners
to iron your t-shirts even though i think it's silly
to watch superhero movies and not criticize them (too much)
to wear more jewelry since you like that
to not delete your shows from the DVR to make room for mine
and to comment on your six pack every time you take your shirt off.

i will always be the president of your fan club and your biggest cheerleader.
i will love you when you are old and saggy and will probably be both before you are.
i promise to always dream big with you and to always believe it can happen.

this is our time now.
we've hit our stride.
but you still can't get a motorcycle.

love, affection and all the banana cream pie you can eat,

your adoring wife


Sassy said...

Happy Anniversay! I love the rewritten vows! Very creative yet so stinkin true! :) Love ya momma! Hope you have a fantastic anniversary weekend.

The Mr. said...

Thanx for that!

The Mr. said...

I was about to file for a divorce, in lieu of what you wrote it can wait!

Kate said...

I remember the wedding and your excitement in getting to celebrate a ‘honeymoon’…with Ari. I remember your generosity of letting me stay at your apartment (and trusting me with all your presents—we’d only known each other 3 months!) I remember cleaning your apartment as your gift because I couldn’t afford much more. And I still remember, every time I scrub my tub, your shock and amusement that yours was actually white! Most of all, I remember your love and dedication to one another and how much I admired you both—as a team—and with Ari, as a family. Here’s to the best years yet.

themrs said...

thanks kate :)