theMr & theMrs

ours is a classic love story... boy meets girl... boy and girl have a baby... boy and girl get married...wait... maybe not classic! we met when we were merely teens. we fell in love hard and fast and within two years were married with a baby! it wasn't all hearts and rainbows, we spent many of the early years working through the consequences of having a baby out of wedlock and marrying very young.

at times it's been hard, really hard. but we're in this for the long haul and we always find a way to laugh at the end of the day!
he is the calm to my high strung. he is, ahem, laid back where i'm motivated and ambitious (neurotic)! he is a glass half full to my "realism". he is the dream big to my dream bigger :) we compliment one other in a way that only God could have engineered. he loves me in a way i will never comprehend and i'm the president of his fan club.

through all the joys, trials, struggles and successes.... we manage to laugh, to cry, to have babies. 

and it's turned out pretty well :)