Thursday, February 26, 2009

it's official...

soooo.... i went to the doctor today. it's true, i really am pregnant. no more denying it. i wore these really cute white pants because i can still fit into them and i'm trying to pretend it's spring. but i digress.. let me start by saying that nothing makes a morning more fun than going somewhere where you get to wear a paper vest with a paper blanket. i wish i had some of those paper vests for everyday wear. they are so cute. so after my always enjoyable pelvic exam, the doctor states that i am somewhere between 6-14 weeks. um, that's informative. so they take me over to the ultrasound room. the technician starts giving me instructions on how to lay down and how this works. i'm pretty hormonal so i kind of wanted to say "uh lady, this is my fifth child. i know how an ultrasound works". anyway, the verdict is that i'm 8 weeks. this is actually good news, as it makes due around the first week of october. originally they thought i'd be due early september, which is when school starts. that would be the worst timing possible. my third child will be starting kindergarten this fall. i will have orientations, school shopping, first day of school. i cannot do all of that with a brand new baby. as it stands, we should be settled in the school routine by october. that means that if i go into labor during the week, i can send the three school age children to my parents (my brothers attend the same school) and i only have to make arrangements for the baby.
wait a minute- he's not going to be the baby anymore! oh my word. i'm going to have to come up with a new nickname for him!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

why i wasn't having any more children....

picture this.... yesterday, approx 3pm, it's time for the little kids to get up for nap. (my two year old and the two year old i babysit). i am in the bathroom violently vomiting. everytime i try to get up, more vomiting. i can hear the boys awake in their respective rooms. i need to get them up. the kids will be home from school any minute. i cannot stop puking. i hear the big kids come in. i call my oldest upstairs and ask her to call daddy at work and tell him i need him to come home. she does so. i then ask her to get the boys up and take them downstairs and turn on mickey mouse. she does. micah's mom comes to pick him up, i'm still upstairs throwing up. my daughter tells her "mommy can't talk right now, she's puking". my four year old says "we can't even go in there to potty cuz she's so sick". themr comes home from work. i'm still on the bathroom floor. he asks what i need and i moan for him to just watch the kids. thankfully, he has a job that allows him to leave if he really has to. otherwise, i have no idea what i would have done. how do you take care of five young children when you can't quit throwing up? i see the dr. tomorrow. i'm hoping they will tell me i'm near the second trimester so i can have some hope that this will be over soon. my poor kids have been eating the craziest foods for dinner because i am so sick by dinnertime i can't cook. sadly, my best time of day is the morning, which is when my husband is home. the evening is the worst, when he's at work. Lord help me, i may not make it. i'm pretty sure this is why i wasn't having any more children!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

birthdays are for young people...

tomorrow is my 31st birthday. until today, i actually forgot. remember when you were a kid and you planned for your birthday for months? all you could think about was what kind of party you would have and what presents you would receive? at what age does that change? last year, for the big 3-0 i had planned to not celebrate. i was determined that if i pretended i wasn't turning thirty then maybe i wouldn't. my dear husband and family planned a huge surprise party for me. it was really awesome and i'm thankful they did it. this year, the mr asked me what i wanted to do. i really just want to have dinner with our families and enjoy their company. i do not, however, want to take my four darling children to the restaurant. is that bad? i love those kids, but having them in a restaurant is NOT a good time. they are well mannered, good kids. but they are still kids. the little guy is the messiest eater you've ever seen. he thinks its super fun to bang his silverware on the table and sing along with it. not cute in a restaurant full of people. he also likes to chew food up, spit it in his hand, look at it, and put it back in his mouth. nice. i didn't even think about the fact that i would get a few gifts until last night when my husband asked me what i wanted. well... i'd like a few hours of peace and quiet, my flat stomach back and to be 25 again. do they sell that at target? if not, i'm out of ideas.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

facebook is stealing my privacy....

like 173 million other people, i am on facebook. now lately, i'm sick and trying not to throw up most of the day. normally when i'm in this phase of pregnancy, i don't answer the phone or emails. i just can't deal with talking to people. this is where facebook comes in. because people are used to an almost immediate response from me, when they don't get one they begin to wonder what's wrong. i'm getting all these messages and whatnot asking me if i'm ok. yes, i'm ok. i'm just concentrating on not vomiting as opposed to reading your latest survey. now leave me alone... (hormones anyone?) so now i'm forced to post that i don't feel well so people will stop asking me. it's all facebook's fault. that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

shock and awe part 2

so for those of you who know me you are well aware that i'm a control freak. throw in a very unexpected fifth pregnancy and you have mental chaos! let me start by saying that it's not the baby i'm freaking out over... i love babies! i love giving birth, i love breastfeeding, i love raising kids. it's all the logistics that will make me crazy. how do you fit seven people in a two bedroom, one bathroom house? how will we fit three carseats, a booster and three other people in our van? how will i manage putting all five kids to bed alone each night while themr is working? how on earth will i give them all the attention they deserve when my husband is gone every day from 12-9? holy moly.... so many details. i spoke to my dr yesterday and i'll see him next week. they are estimating my due date around the end of august. um, is it just me or is that not very far away? i have to admit, the vane side of me is just a little peeved that i am finally down to my size 6 jeans and now i'm starting all over again. it figures... i am determined that i am not going to gain my usual 50-70 lbs this time. I'M NOT! yeah.. we'll see...

Monday, February 16, 2009

shock and awe...

sooo.... apparently we are going to have a #5. yes, you read that right, i am pregnant. i am also in complete shock. we had decided we were done. i have been sick for several weeks but thought i had mono again. saturday, themr surprised me with a night out. we were discussing how sick i've been when it occurred to me that i'm ok in the mornings and get progressively sicker throughout the day. just like when i'm pregnant.... i could not believe it. upon further thought, i realized i haven't had a period since thanksgiving. holy moly, i'm probably three months pregnant! i took a test, which turned positive immediately. i don't think it's completely sunk in yet. i thought next fall would be my first time home with only one child, instead i'll be having a baby. once again, God had different plans for me!

Friday, February 13, 2009

ashley tagged me

Name 3 of each:

-Pet Peeves: people who are late, act entitled or rude to sales persons

-Close Friends: kim, ashley, mandi, marcie

-Favorite Movies: last of the mohicans, the breakfast club, sleepless in seattle :)

-Foods You Love: pasta, enchiladas, anything cheesy!

-Favorite Books: The Bible, any murder mystery, love stories

-TV Shows You Like: grey's anatomy, law & order SVU, heroes

-Celebrities You Like: tom hanks, katherine heigel, jon cusack

-Favorite Items of Clothing: jeans, hoodies, pj pants

Thursday, February 12, 2009

look what my precious six year old did...

yesterday, my darling son was playing outside. after about twenty minutes he runs in the house and says "mommy, come see what i did! i painted the house for you!!" um... you did what? that's right, he painted the house, with MUD! now keep in mind, this past summer, i repainted all that white trim by myself. and now it's brown. as i stood there, trying not to let my head explode, all i could say was "what were you thinking??" to which he replied "i think it looks nice." Lord help me, i may strangle this boy. the worst part was that we were gettting ready to leave for an appointment so there was no time to clean it up then. can you guess what i'll be doing this morning?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

true confessions

i read this on another blog and thought i'd do it. i have three sick kids so i have no energy to be creative today! so here goes, my true confessions....

1. i hate to mop the floor. i avoid it as much as possible. in fact, sometimes i wait all week because i know if it gets bad enough my husband will do it on saturday morning.

2. i'm a tv addict. all morning i look forward to nap time so i can eat a snack and watch my shows. sometimes, i think it's the only thing that gets me through the day.

3. i'm not a "crafts/activities" kind of mom, but i'm trying to be. i've realized that simply being at home all day does not make me a good mom. i'm trying really hard to come up with fun, educational things to do with the kids. as i enter my tenth (holy moly!) year of parenting, i realize more and more that parenting is a process. i'm a much better mom than i was ten years ago but i still have lots of room for improvement.

4. i secretly think my husband is hotter than any of my friend's husbands and i don't think it's because i'm partial:) he is really that hot.

5. i come across as extremely confident and self assured when in reality, i have alot of insecurities. sometimes i secretly wonder if i'm that high maintenance person that everyone knows.

6. i am super at utilizing undergarments. people frequently tell me how great i look after having four kids. if they could see all that is going on under these clothes they would crack up. it's like a complicated jig saw puzzle.

7. i'm hooked on infomercials and i always want to buy what they're selling! it's a really good thing we don't use credit cards or i'd probably own alot of useless junk. for some reason i always believe what they say!

soooo..... i'm tagging samantha, sassy, ashley and rebecca!

Monday, February 9, 2009

sad day at themrs house

we've decided to give up our dog. we love him so much but really feel he needs more attention than we can give him. he needs to be walked and played with daily and with my husband being gone most of the day i just can't do it. it's taken me two months to convince my husband. i hate to do it, but he is an active, energetic dog. he chews things up because he ends up spending most of the day outside. i just feel like it's unfair to him. i want him to be with a family who has the time to give him the attention he deserves. my kids are upset with me, yet every time he's in the house they all complain that he's bothering them! when we were first told about him, i tried to explain to everyone that it would be more work and time then i can handle. of course, everyone swore they would take care of him. big surprise, not happening. just goes to show, you should always listen to your mother.

Friday, February 6, 2009

why handy manny would make the perfect husband....

so i'm watching handy manny today with the little guy and it occurs to me that he would really be the perfect husband! here are the reasons why...

- he not only knows how to fix things, he loves doing. which means you would not have to ask him for three months to get it done.

-according to today's episode, he cooks, plays guitar and sings. 'nuff said.

-when doing a home improvement project, he has tools that help him. which means a. he doesn't expect his wife to help and b. the tools are alive so you won't have him ask you to hand him one and then look at you like you ride the short bus when you don't know what that is.

- he always has rubber cleaning gloves on. that's foreplay in my book.

- he has an accent.

- he is apparently the only handy man in town so he's got to make good money.

- he looks good in a baseball cap.

- he's bilingual. where i live, it would be very helpful to have someone who speaks spanish (which i don't)

- and last, but certainly not least, he has an accent... did i mention that?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

top ten favorite tv shows

here's my top ten favorite tv shows.... (how ever will i narrow it down to ten?)

10. Law & Order SVU

9. Private Practice

8. The Bachelor

7. Lipstick Jungle

6. Friends

5. Grey's anatomy

4. real housewives

3. sex and the city

2. the real world

1. intervention

what shows can you not live without?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

check out this blog:)

my sister in law started a blog.. check it out!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

check it out

ladies, you have to listen to the song "lucky" by jason mraz. it's so fantastic. seriously, listen to it. i downloaded it on itunes. sooo good....

Monday, February 2, 2009

sassy mom tagged me

so here are seven random things about me....

1. i have lived in 23 houses in my 30 years.

2. i have a major phobia of fire

3. i'm allergic to pretty much anything that occurs in nature.

4. i've been with my husband for eleven years

5. all but one of my children were born on their due date.

6. i'm addicted to reading blogs (you probably already knew that :)

7. i love to cook but hate to bake!

i tag sassy, mom on the run, mommy mo and life with kaishon, samantha, doobie star and ashley!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

you know you live in ohio when you don't think you need a coat if it's 38 degrees outside.