Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Run for your lives..... it's global warming!

so, if the earth is getting warmer and warmer why is it 30 degrees in october in OHIO? this is absurd. last week, we had several days with highs of near 80. last night's low was 30. where did fall go? did we just skip it this year? did i not get the memo? this is just the latest in a year of bizarre weather for the midwest. we get floods, tornados and earthquakes. 2008 will forever be remembered as the year we had a hurricane in ohio. category one hurricane. in ohio. now we appear to have completely skipped from summer to winter. do you know how hard it is to dress children appropriately when it's 32 when they get on the bus and 72 when they get home. how do you dress for that? i saw on the news the other night that the ocean level in alaska is shrinking due to the glaciers melting. um, wouldn't melting ice cause the levels to rise? am i missing something here? i also read that the global temperatures have increased one degree in the last fifty years. one degree??? alert the media and get out your sunscreen folks. i don't mean to be glib (well maybe i do) but this is the crisis i keep hearing about? back to my original point, if the earth is getting hotter and hotter, why is it so darn cold in ohio in october? i know that most likely i'm going to recieve comments from lots of put out environmentalists. i'm ok with that. if you can give me some proof then bring it on. where's al gore when you need him?

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