Sunday, March 31, 2013

the aftermath...

ah Easter.  the holiest day of the year.

white dresses and tights, eggs filled with candy, hymns posted on statuses.
a day of celebration, reverence and solemn reflection.
as the suns sets and the festivities end, peace abounds.

 or not... it's only 5:30 and my kids are running around like crack fiends itching for a fix. the sugar overload has officially rendered them unable to function at a normal decibel. one sweet child is trying to hang a bunny with his New striped overpriced tie, while another lays on the kitchen floor screaming for chocolate. beautiful floral dresses are streaked with candy and dirt. theMr sleeps peacefully on the couch while i cower in fear, realizing that this is the moment where the inmates take over the asylum. suddenly, in a moment of holy inspiration, a declaration comes forth to please the masses... "who wants candy for dinner?" they cheer and jump and shower me with praises. i can smile a genuine smile because deep inside i know....
they  are going to bed at 7!

happy Easter from theMrs!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

10 headlines you may read about theMrs

im gonna be famous someday...for all the wrong reasons

10. woman found wandering around starbucks parking lot mumbling after 132 car troubles. Husband says he fixed it.

9. Local mom discovered after being reported missing three days ago.  She was trapped under large pile of laundry.

8. Parents of five reported to authorities by their own children for child labor violations.  Authorities say the charges are substantiated.

7, Nanny needed: Must cook, clean and facilitate the recording of all episodes of big bang theory.

6, Man awarded a purple heart medal for his heroic efforts dealing with his wife's mood swings after hysterectomy.

5. Scientists discover new life form in children's bathroom. Children claim they just cleaned it on chore day.

4. Springfield woman taken away in handcuffs after being told by pediatrician that children who are teething do not run fevers,,,again.

3.  Local couple busted in prostitution sting at hourly hotel...investigation uncovers they were just looking for a cheap place to nap.

2. America's most beautiful child contest a five way tie, first time in history!

1. Local blogger thought to be dead. Early reports say she is fine, just too lazy to type on iPad.