Thursday, July 12, 2012

Guest post from the Bean

Hi, it’s me again, The Bean! (I really hate that nickname) Mother asked me to do another post, so here I am.  My last guest post was on mom so it’s naturally time to do one on pops.
  Here is a list of five things you don’t know about him:
1.     ~ He is in love with cartoons, they are mostly superhero and is you try to delete one on the DVR he will freak
2.       ~Mom has told how he has a good fashion sense, he does but that’s a mild version.  He has hooks on the wall for his hats (there are like seventy, you can’t see the wall) he has a million shoes, and is the biggest fashion diva/shopper out of all of us
3.      ~ He is in love with his body, I have caught him multiple times flexing in front of the mirror or telling me to feel his muscles. Yeah.
4.      ~ He is very smart.  He has an idea on how to make, solve, and/or fix something in way that no one else would have. (he gets it from my grandpa who is just as brilliant)
5.      ~ He believes he’s still seventeen. 
Dad is very different from all my friends dads.  He is diverse too.
This is a list of a few things that make him out of the ordinary (besides the ones listed above):
1.       He is known by my class by his hats.
2.       When I brought him on an overnight field trip last year he made friends, with the boys in my class.
3.       He visibly does not age or gain weight. ( me and mom are always teasing him though about fat that’s non-existent)
4.       He likes the same music as me.
Now, here is a list of things that make him like other dads:
1.       He can be very embarrassing
2.       He teases me constantly (I guess that’s more like a big brother than a dad)
3.       He can be intimidating
That is some stuff about my dear old father.  I hope to do another post after this one on the other kids! (or demon spawn as I sometimes refer to them as) Bye!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


i read a lot of happy blogs. i don't like mopey depressing ones. the problem with (some) blogs is that they are so overly happy. summer is prime time for delightful, perfect pictures of all the wonderful activities they are doing...

playing cards when the weather is yucky...

summer haircuts...


more swimming....

even more swimming....

going to the fair...

and running on the slip n slide!

do you know what those blogs don't tell you? it's only half way through summer and these kids are driving me crazy! like put on a straitjacket, medicate me CRAZY. the fighting and the messes and the wet grass tracked through the kitchen and the arguments over which movie to watch and the staying up late and being grumpy and the fighting!! i am counting down the moments until that beloved yellow bus makes it appearance. i hope i make it!