Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy belated thanksgiving!

i know i'm a few days late, seems to be my norm lately. i'm just so busy! who knew that raising five kids could be so time consuming? anyway, we made it through another thanksgiving. we are blessed to have both of our families in town so we get to see them all. it's a long and tiring day but it's a good one! this year was really relaxed and wonderful. we usually eat our main meal with my in laws earlier in the day. this year we also had a cake for the little guy. the food was plentiful and fantastic. my mother and father in law are excellent cooks. we ate (way too much) and then all settled down to watch home videos and UP. i love seeing theMr as a little boy... reminds me so much of another little boy i know. there's nothing like seeing the man you adore as a sweet child. ornery, but sweet. just like his sons :) we then headed over to my parents for dessert. it was a little smaller this year since we lost both of our grandmothers this year. sad but still good. it's a good reminder to appreciate every moment. none of us knew last year that it would be the last with them both. we also didn't know we'd have a new little addition. how life can change in the blink of an eye. hope your holiday was filled with food, family and love. i'll post pics soon!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy birthday to my little guy!!

oh my word.. please don't judge me! i forgot to do a post on tuesday for the little guy's third birthday. i know, i'm a terrible mother. he can tell it to his therapist when he's older! i can't believe my baby boy is three. some days it seems to have flown by, other's i'm surprised i haven't strangled him by now :) but there is no one who loves that little man more than i do. his enthusiasm, his joy, his excitement and the fact that he always has a kiss for me. i love you buddy!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

the sacrifices of motherhood

today is the opening of new moon. not only that, but our local theater is playing twilight at 10pm and new moon at midnight. will i be there? me? one of the biggest twilight fans in my area code? (self-appointed, of course) no. i will not. because there is no one in their right mind who wants to babysit five kids in the middle of the night. even though they're sleeping. i have to sacrifice seeing my favorite movies on the big screen together to be home with my sleeping children. i know, you are all feeling so sorry for me right now.

Monday, November 16, 2009

out of the mouths of babes!

i just have to share a few stories from the weekend. my kids never cease to crack me up! we had a conference this weekend at our church with a guest minister. on friday, i took the kids and went while theMr was working. we were sitting in the second row. after the sermon, the guest minister sat in front of us. my oldest son, who's seven, leans forward, taps him on the shoulder and says "you did a good job!". the minister smiled, thanked him and shook his hand. we both had a hard time keeping a straight face, he was so serious! then on sunday, i took the kids to regular church by myself since theMr wasn't feeling well. as you can imagine, getting everyone ready and there on time was a little hectic. as we sat down in our seats, i looked over to see that the princess not only had two different shoes on but they were both right shoes! I asked her why and she said she enjoys mixing and matching. fabulous...
and finally, the little guy. we've been potty training him for some time now. he is truly the most stubborn two year old you have ever met. seriously. so tonight, while i'm feeding the baby, i see him taking his underwear off. i tell him not to, which he ignores as he sees i'm nursing the baby, therefore not able to stop him. he then goes to where we keep diapers, gets one out, and holds it over himself in an attempt to pee in it. i yelled for him to stop and he did. he went to his potty chair and went there. if you are able to remove your clothes, go get yourself a diaper and pee in it, you are fully capable of not wearing diapers anymore.

Friday, November 13, 2009

so very tired...

we have my nephew over night. were heading off to an event at church tonight and they both wanted to wear hats :)

sleepy baby

her first "punkin"

who wouldn't love those cheeks?

too tired to write a coherent post but had to share a few pics.. such a sweet baby :) of course the quality isn't so good as these are all from my cell phone. who has time to find the camera? we're just trying to get through the day!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Indian summer...

it's not often we get a 70 degree weather day in november in the midwest! we took full advantage!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

top ten things you forget each time you have a baby

oh ladies.... theMr sent me an email today telling me i'm slacking on my blog. so very sorry. this is the man that has to send me an email cause we don't have time to have a conversation! i'm too tired for a detailed post. it's been awhile since we've had a top ten though! without further ado...

top ten things you forget each time you have a baby!

10. your belly is still really big and nothing fits. not your old clothes and not your maternity clothes. sadly, after baby #4 i threw away all my "transition" clothes after i lost the weight, cause you know, i wasn't having anymore kids.

9. babies eat alot. and frequently. enough said.

8. babies poop alot. and frequently.

7. when you're nursing, you are still as hungry as you were when you were pregnant. only you're not pregnant so it is no longer acceptable to eat a hot fudge sundae every night before bed.

6. your husband becomes quite, um, amorous now that you're not pregnant. and you'd just trade your left leg for a nap. you do the math.

5. when people ask if there's anything they can do for you it is not appropriate to say "can you perform a vasectomy?"

4. when those same people ask if you want any more kids it is also not appropriate to say you're trying to get rid of the ones you already have.

3. on those days when you think you just can't take any more remember that "this too shall pass".

2. babies grow so fast, too fast entirely.

1. there is nothing sweeter, cuter, better smelling or more wonderful than having a new baby. no matter how tired you are.