Sunday, May 31, 2009

true confessions part 2

it's time for another true confessions. you know, all those terrible things you didn't know about me that you can judge me for later! without further ado...

1. i'm horrific at keeping up with laundry and i really don't care. you will never come in my house and not find huge piles of laundry waiting to be done. with six people, i'd have to do at least two loads a day to keep up. never gonna happen. i'd rather read a book. as long as everyone has clean underwear we're good. or i can buy more underwear. whatever works.

2. i have a terrible potty mouth. as a christian woman, i really try to control it. but i have to say that if i wasn't a christian woman, i'd probably have a mouth like a sailor. the thing is, i really like cussing. it makes me feel better. ask theMr. he knows all about it. except when i'm really, really, super mad- he giggles when i cuss. he thinks it's cute. which does not amuse me when i'm that angry.

3. i hate breakfast food, so i eat really random things for breakfast. example? i had taco dip today. and not because i'm pregnant, that's actually normal for me. it grosses out theMr. he's a big fan of breakfast. ironically, i make an excellent omelet. i've never eaten them but i've been told they're killer.

4. i have a major shoe fetish. i seriously have more shoes than any one woman could ever need. the worst part is that many of them are extremely high heels. how often do you suppose i need heels as a stay at home mom? i don't care, i cannot resist a cute pair of shoes. i can always justify it in my mind.

5. i'm extremely loyal ( i know, that's good, the bad part is coming) until you cross me. if you make me realize i should not have trusted you, there's a good chance i never will again. i don't handle betrayal well at all. i'm 100% devoted to those i love and will literally do anything in the world for them. if you betray that trust, i will have a hard time ever extending that to you again. once my "wall" goes back up, it's hard to get down.

6. i write for a reality tv show website but i do so anonymously so readers are not directed to my blog. that way i can be a little more catty than i would normally be :)

Your turn! share your true confessions with me, come on! it'll make you feel better!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

we have the pleasure of living in a town that has the second largest memorial day parade in the country! it is a family tradition that we go every year, sit in the same spot, with many friends and family members. we make a full breakfast with a camping stove and generally have a blast! this year, the bean was in the parade with my dad. hope your long weekend was filled with fun!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

princess disorder?

i'm gonna get on my soapbox for a minute, so if you're not interested in my strong opinions, you may want to leave now :) i just finished reading an article by several "experts" about how little girls playing princess develops narcissistic personalities and unrealistic expectations of a "happy ever after". they even did supposed research. (who spends money on that?) they then interviewed parents who felt princess play would raise girls who are shallow, vain and completely focused on themselves. are you kidding me? you know what raises narcissistic kids? permissive, catering, child-centered parenting. not disney princess dolls. what makes girls shallow, vain and focused on themselves? a media that tells them who they are is how they look. parents who allow them to to behave in any way they please as to not "stifle" them. parents who give them anything they desire in their quest to provide their kids with more than they had, therefore never teaching them to earn anything or have to go without. parents who treat their children as if they are the center of the world. gee, wonder why they grow up thinking that way. i have two daughters, soon to be three. one loves all things princess and the other, not so much. while playing dress up and princess barbies, etc is lots of fun for her, behaving as a princess would not be acceptable. we wouldn't allow it. same as that my son loves all things superhero but that doesn't mean we're going to let him jump off the roof, nor does it mean he will grow up to think he's invincible. i grew up imagining my wedding, my children, my career and many other things little girls think about. did that make me think my life would be perfect and without blemish? nope. does any four year old princess lover make it to adulthood and sit around waiting for a woman to turn her pumpkin into a carriage which will take her to a ball to meet royalty? i certainly hope not! what it boils down to is that doctors and psychologists have gone so overboard in their quest to decode child rearing that it's become ridiculous. do you think in the 50's mothers used to look out the window and see their children playing cowboys and indians and think "goodness, i hope little billy doesn't grow up thinking he can be a real indian." not likely. i'll pass on the research and psychology and just choose to raise my kids with common sense and a laid back attitude. i think we'll do just fine.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

oh for the love of all that is pregnant...

so, yesterday i lied. apparently there is something more evil than asking a pregnant woman to fast. that would be having the afore mentioned pregnant woman go to the hospital and spend her registration time with a woman who is eating her breakfast. yep, that's right. the chick was eating the whole time she did my paper work. in fact, she was so into her breakfast that she kept asking me incomplete questions and had to repeat herself. it is only by the grace of God that i did not jump across that desk and rip that muffin from her smug face. it was almost worth it to hear the ultrasound technician tell the student technician that my gall bladder was easier to photograph since i am so skinny. yay! skinny is not a word i'd use for myself right now but i'll take it. i'm surprised they could hear one another over my stomach growling. the good news is that my mom says since the ultrasound wasn't uncomfortable at all, that most likely means my gall bladder is not inflamed. (she's a nurse, my own personal webMD) if there is an odd side effect to be had in any cirumstance, i can usually be counted on to get it. so it will be a pleasant surprise to find out it's a false alarm!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

it's definitely a babyG!

we had our ultrasound this morning and it is definitely a baby girl!! apparently there are also some gall bladder issues so i'll be having an ultrasound on that tomorrow morning. you know what that means... fasting. ugh. there is nothing more evil than expecting a pregnant lady to fast. seriously. they also told me to eat a fat free dinner tonight. an entire dinner that is fat free? are they crazy? "yes, i think i'll have two stalks of celery, a carrot and some water. thank you very much." i told the woman that i'll do my best but i make no promises.

Monday, May 18, 2009

happy 30th Birthday to theMr!

on this day, thirty years ago, the world was made a better place. words could never adequately describe this man, but i'll do my best!

theMr is charming, funny, coordinated, passionate, loyal, sarcastic, intelligent, witty, sexy and honest

he is a lover of music, family, movies, talk radio, coffee, politics, golf, hiking, laughing, skateboarding, naps, taking walks, super heroes, banana cream pies, building, playing drums, wrestling with the kids, lazy sundays, my cooking, and all things Lord of the Rings.

he is a loyal, devoted, honest, dependable, funny, sincere, true friend.

he is a loving, affectionate, devoted, involved, dependable father.

he is a passionate, honest, attentive, loving, sexy, intelligent, fun, happy husband.

he is more than i could ever have dreamed to ask for, more than i will ever deserve, more than i could ever be good enough for. but for some reason, he's mine. and i'm thankful.
happy birthday elijah!

Friday, May 15, 2009

top ten things i hate that everyone else seems to love...

so, when my body is raging with hormones (which is apparently every two years), i'd much rather talk about things i don't like then happy, mushy stuff. i'm not a happy, mushy kinda pregnant woman. that "glow" they speak of? yeah, that's just rage, in my case. i haven't done a top ten in awhile so today we'll talk about the top ten things i hate that others seem to love!
**Disclaimer: if i offend you, i'm not really sorry. that's right, i'm pregnant. deal with it.**

10. Harry Potter- books, movies, whatever. i've never seen them but they look lame to me. just sayin...

9. the outdoors. yes, you read that correctly. i don't want to go hiking, camping, row boating, any of it. drop me off at the nearest Panera with a laptop and no one will get hurt. when theMr and i were dating, we did alot of camping (he's a total outdoorsy boy). as soon as that ring was on my finger i let him know my camping days were over. i'm allergic to pretty much everything that occurs in nature. no thank you.

8. american idol and dancing with the stars- i have tried several times to get into these shows, simply because everyone i know loves them. i just can't. that dancing one really gets on my nerves. sorry, mom!

7. twitter- see previous post

6. any kind of meat that still looks like what it used to be. an example would be chicken wings. there is something seriously barbaric and nasty about eating something directly off the bone. not gonna happen.

5. other people's kids. ok, in all fairness, there are a few people in my life who have really awesome kids. but as a general rule, i'm not a big fan of kids that aren't mine. especially if they talk. i'd rather they just sit and look cute, quietly.

4. crocs. i know, i've already written a post about those. but seriously people, bright colored rubber shoes! please, stop.

3. thanksgiving. i can't say what precisely makes me dislike it. it's really just a combination of the food (hello! meat on bones!), lots of family in really close quarters and football. ugh...

2. sports, all sports.

1. reading things that will make me a better, smarter, knowledgeable or more interesting person. biographies? no thank you. history? nada. self-help? i like to think i'm a pretty good version of what i am. i'll take gratuitous, cheesy, romantic,fluffy fiction. no war and peace here. if that's not available, pass me a gossip mag.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

life as a circus?

i have a, ahem, hobby that i like to read about frequently online. for my own reputation's sake, i'll keep the details private. so today, i'm reading my daily blogroll and many of them have a paparazzo pic of a famous actor that i love. he's bending down, picking up his suitcase at an airport. in the pic, you can see the top of his underwear. the comment sections of these posts are full of speculation as to what kind of underwear they are, personal opinions on that type of underwear, how he should have enough money to buy better underwear, etc. the saddest part? this guy is in sunny LA wearing sunglasses, a hat and a black hoodie with the hood pulled up, obviously attempting to avoid the photogs. i just felt really sorry for him. i mean the guy is just trying to get through the airport ( i hate getting through airports) and he's trying to be incognito and not only does that not work but people are bashing his undies! hey, we weren't supposed to even see his underwear. i know many people will argue that celebs can't complain about such intrusions because they're rich and they chose this life and whatnot. but seriously, they didn't trade their humanity. i don't envy them. i'll take my lack of millions over their lack of privacy any day. makes me feel kind of guilty even reading those sites. does that make me a contributor to the problem?

shopping for babyG!

OH i forgot how much fun it is to shop for girls! you'd think by baby five i wouldn't need to buy anything... WRONG! actually, i have good reason. a few years ago, we rented a house we had on the market to a family who were having tough times. when we eventually had to evict them for not paying rent and doing illegal things (which is why i will never be a landlord again) they stole all my baby clothes i had stored in the attic! all my girl clothes from newborn to around 18mths were taken. at the time i wasn't too concerned, as i had a baby boy and thought i was done. yet, here i am- pregnant with a girl! sooo.... i have been having fun shopping. we are pretty much starting from scratch, clothing wise, for this baby. bad for the budget, fun for me and the grandmas! if they tell us they were wrong about the sex when we go for our third ultrasound next tuesday, i'm in big trouble!
my BFF, Rachel, had her fifth baby this past week. she also had two boys and two girls so this was her tie breaker too! she ended up with a c-section, which really sucks, but out of it got the chubbiest, cutest baby girl ever. she's a whopping 9'7! i'll try to post a pic this week, she's that cute. welcome to the world, kalyssa! her situation has had me hoping my experience isn't the same. it's also had me thinking about what kind of birth i'd like to have. i've had two natural births and two with an epidurel. typically, we've had both of our mothers there for the entire thing. part of me is thinking of doing it alone this time, since we've never done that. but i hate to not let my mom be there, since it's my last time. i'm the only girl out of five kids so it may be her last chance to see a grandchild born. i've also been thinking about having my oldest daughter there (she'll be 10). i don't want her in the room when the baby is actually born (there are some things no child should ever see!) but maybe in the waiting room so she can come in right afterwards. it's funny how much more thought i've given all of this, knowing it's my last. we're also making decisions about a tubal or essure. theMr is definitely getting snipped but we're thinking of me having a procedure also (i have major family history of failed vasectomies!). we'll see!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

the danger of living with princesses....

so the other morning, we were getting ready to go run errands. theMr took his shower and was getting ready in the bathroom. apparently after he finished shaving he grabbed a towel hanging there to wipe his face off. when he did, he looked in the mirror and his face was covered in sparkles! for some reason, there was sparkle glitter all over it. i have no idea why but i have a pretty good guess (the princess). he spent the next ten minutes trying to get it off his face so we could leave. the joys of little girls!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

more pics...


i finally got around to installing my new camera software and putting the pics on the computer. i'm a slacker, i know. here's some new pics! these are just some random shots... the park, COSI, what five months preggo looks like (by kid #5:) the dog, more later!