Wednesday, April 18, 2012

10 rules i try to live by

10. never go to bed out of coffee... or mad at your husband. both will ensure a crappy start to the next day.

9. a credit card is not a necessity.. not even for "emergencies". after seven years of being credit card free, i can attest that it is FREEDOM.

8. if you can't manage to think before you speak, learn to be a really good apologist. i'm an expert at saying i'm sorry. i get a lot of practice.

7. people that constantly gossip to you about other people, are talking about you when you aren't there. avoid them.

6. life is too short to clean the windows on a regular basis.

5. everyday look for ways to help someone else. it's good for the soul.

4. five minutes of peace and quiet are not worth trying to get sharpie off the walls. choose wisely.

3. kids who have a mom who yells, become yellers. i'm working on it.

2. the secret to a happy marriage is patience, self sacrifice and separate comforters.

1. offer grace where it is not earned. you never know when you'll need some yourself.

what rules do you live by??

Friday, April 6, 2012