the Bean

how do you describe a kid like the bean? our first born, the child that made us take life seriously. the first thing in my young (very young!) life worth being better for. she's smart. she's sweet. she has a wicked (& sarcastic :) sense of humor.

she's the child that you hope will accomplish all of her dreams because she's actually capable of doing it. i can't imagine anything out of  her grasp. she loves others in a way that astounds me. she's a leader. she's a lover. she's the kid you never have to check on to make sure she's not in trouble.

you talk to her and it's as if you are talking to an adult. then she giggles and you remember she's still a girl, learning her way to woman.

she's the best surprise i never knew i needed.

she's my first baby. now and forever. even when she's grown and has babies of her own.

she's the bean.

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