the little guy

the child that i spoiled endlessly.... thinking he was my last... oh how i have learned the error of my ways! this sweet boy came into this world like a hurricane and hasn't slowed down since! whether he's sneaking giant spoonfuls of peanut butter or making mommy a picture... on the wall... with a sharpee... he still manages to steal my heart!

he is full of laughter, mischief and all things boy! he may hug you, he may hit you, he may try to wipe his perpetually runny nose on your shirt!

he is a cuddler and a love, always managing to squeeze in one more "hugakiss" before bed (long after the others are asleep!)
don't take your eyes off of him for a second, or you may just find yourself cleaning up an entire bag of flour from the pantry!
he loves his friends, his grandparents and max and ruby. not necessarily in that order!
he's allergic to milk so he's made it his life mission to sneak foods he can't have.
he knows that when in doubt, ask mommy. 
she's a bigger pushover than dad :)