Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a little problem i have...

we need to have a talk.

there's something i have to tell you.

i know this is going to come as a bit of surprise...

i'm a little tiny bit of a control freak.
i know, you're floored by this shocking information. you never would've guessed. but alas, it's true. i'm working on it though. in fact, until recently i thought i had made huge strides in this area! i let my kids put their laundry in whatever drawer they want now! i almost never re-mop the floor when they finish. and i haven't nagged theMr about what he feeds the kids in months! yet lately, i've realized that may not be true... like the other day when theMr very tentatively asked if he could please eat the piece of chicken in the fridge. i'm so controlling that people are afraid to eat leftovers? or when my son tried to negotiate how many ice cubes he could have in his ice water. um, that's totally normal right? to monitor the number of ice cubes your children use? in my defense, he has a habit of using the entire tray and then putting it back in the freezer empty. ok, i'm justifying. but in my defense, my mom is a control freak. i totally got it from her. ok, that's not really fair either. but in my defense, i just know better than all of these people!!! i can't help it if my way is the right way. you just have to play the cards you're dealt! *sigh* can you see how much progress i've made?

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