Thursday, April 30, 2009

maternity genuis

have you ladies seen this? it is genius, pure genius! i just got two of them, black and white. you wear it on your belly and it holds your pants up so you can wear your non-maternity pants longer. it also can be used to get back into your pants post-baby! when it's on, it looks like you have a tank top under your shirt. they really couldn't think of this until my fifth pregnancy? i could have really used this ten years ago! at least i'll have two to pass on when i'm done, one for each sister in law!

Monday, April 27, 2009

oh yeah

i forgot to mention, i bought baby girl some shoes today :) not that she needs any, i have two daughters already with lots of stuff. but they were so cute i couldn't resist. i am a shoe fanatic so of course my girls will have lots of shoes also. won't these look so cute on babyG? (that will be her code name till she's born. we're keeping her name a surprise! got any guesses?)


i am bored, Bored, BORED! i shouldn't be... i should be busy, Busy, BUSY doing laundry, mopping the kitchen floor, picking up the toys that are taking over my house. but i don't want to do those things. i don't feel like cleaning. i don't want to make dinner either. i just want to sit down and be entertained. where's themr when i need him?

Friday, April 24, 2009

it's (maybe) a girl!

this morning we had an ultrasound. our local crisis pregnancy center recently purchased an ultrasound machine. they needed to do a certain number of "training" ultrasounds to get their certification so they asked if i would be willing to have one. of course, i said yes! my "official" ultrasound at my doctor's office is in a few weeks but we were hoping that we may be able to tell the sex of the baby today. after much speculation, it looks like a girl! the technician wouldn't say for sure, as it's a little early for a really good view, but it looked like it! i'm hesitant to believe it completely until next month but i know the kids will be so excited. the three oldest were all wanting another girl. this was our tie breaker, so if it's true the girls will officially have control of this house! (as if we don't already!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the Mommy guilt

i've been thinking today about mommy guilt. i know that i don't have to define this, as anyone who has given birth, adopted, fostered, or even had a pet knows what i'm talking about. my word, we feel guilt about everything! my two year old is a slow talker, i must not have drank enough milk while i was pregnant with him. my kindergartner still eats glue, i probably didn't read to him enough when he was an infant. it's really kind of absurd if we think of it rationally... rationally? what's that?? anyway, this whole "last pregnancy" thing has stirred all this up. i'm suddenly finding myself thinking i should do all these things i never did before. maybe we should bank the cord blood? i should take prenatal yoga! maybe i'll document the progression of this pregnancy with pictures? then the mommy guilt kicks in. the other kids will wonder why i didn't take pics of my belly when they were in there... why didn't i bank their cord blood... i wasn't so worried about staying fit with the other four! (ok, so that one may be stretching it a bit) what i realize, though, is that it's all so narcissistic! as if every detail of our child's personality, development and future is dependent on us, the mother. as if one mistake will ruin all of existence for this child. it made me realize i needed to give myself a little dose of my favorite thing to say to others- Get Over Yourself! i think i will! maybe i will take that prenatal yoga class. i'll look up the times, right after i finish my Popsicle.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

land of the free?

i'm really fed up with our current situation in this country. i'm tired of my children's future being bankrupt before my eyes. i'm tired of bankrolling immorality with my taxes. i'm tired of voting for politicians who tell me the right words but do whatever pads their pockets. i'm tired of realizing that there is no "party" that is going to do anything different. i'm tired of living in a place where those who die for our freedom get no honor and those who live here use that freedom to complain about it. i'm tired of being told that because i vote a certain way i am "racist", 'religious", or a redneck. i'm tired of the media telling me i'm the minority for my beliefs when i can see that i'm not alone. most of all, i'm tired of keeping my mouth shut about it. from now on i won't...

i pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the united states of america. and to the republic, for as long as it stands. one nation, under debt, completely divided, losing liberty and denying justice for all.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No kids, Mommy can't talk right now. She's having a nervous breakdown.

Ugh... today is one of those days. you know, the ones where you could realistically strangle someone any minute? unfortunately, my kids are the only ones here. not boding well for them... the thing is, they're really not being bad. they're just being kids. and today that is getting on my last nerve. it's cold, rainy and mommy's hormones are out of control. calgon take me away... it's the kind of day where i'm not completely sure everyone will live to see daddy come home from work, where i will scream if i hear the imagination movers sing one more time, where i know i have a million things i should be doing (laundry, anyone?) but instead i'm on the computer. and i don't care. so there.

Monday, April 13, 2009

to twitter or not to twitter? that is the question...

so apparently the new craze is twitter. i know all my friends are doing it, blah blah blah... but do i really need another way to social network? (did you know that social network is a verb now? see! you learned something new here) i mean, between facebook, myspace, blogging, email, etc. do people really have a need to know more about me? have i not put enough out there? do people really give a crap what i'm doing every living second of the day? if they do they should really try to get out more. i'm bored by my daily life so i can't see how it would be interesting to anyone else. not to mention, twitter is kind of an extension of one of my facebook pet peeves. what is that, you ask? people who literally update their status every three minutes to let us know what their doing...

12:03 SoandSo is doing some laundry
12:06 SoandSo is making a sandwich for lunch
12:09 SoandSo is getting a glass of milk for their sandwich

geez, get over yourself. nobody needs to know that. i don't even care to hear those details about my current fav celeb (cough*cough*rpattz*). do i need to know you just let the dog out to pee? or that your kid just woke up from a nap? NOPE!

so if any of you use twitter and can give me a legitimate reason why it's necessary, maybe i'll reconsider. until then...

1:27 TheMrs is putting her kids down for a nap

Sunday, April 12, 2009

how do you grieve on easter?

yesterday, a family very close to us was in a car accident and their daughter was killed. we missed church being with those close to us and mourning together. today, as we try to hold it together and smile for our children, i can't help but see the irony of mourning on Easter. a day that should be filled with joy, thankfulness and laughter. it seems so wrong. on a day when i should be rejoicing in the risen Christ, my mind cannot stay away from my dear friends who are starting the first day of never seeing their sweet girl again. how can i rejoice? i know there is still hope, as i know where hannah is right now. but it's so hard for those of us left behind. so today we will fake it. we'll smile and laugh and take pictures as our kids hunt for eggs and eat candy and wear pretty clothes. and tonight, when they are passed out from a sugar crash, we will let ourselves mourn. Sweet Hannah, rest in peace.

Friday, April 10, 2009

a public service announcement from themrs

ladies, i have something very serious to talk to you about today. i need you to all sit down and pay attention. (what? you were already sitting? you don't check your email standing up? whatev...) anyway, back to the dire situation at hand.
IF YOU EVER USE SELF TANNER, DO NOT PUT IT ON YOUR FEET!! why? because your feet will be orange like mine are right now. my legs look slightly tan and nice. my feet are orange. no exaggeration. i thought since preggos are not supposed to be tanning, maybe i could use a little artificial help. i have a date tonight with themr and i have orange feet. this is a real problem as i am a flip flop addict. ( i know, i know, this week it's all about my addictions... flip flops, twilight, the internet. sheesh, join a 12 step group woman!) i am going to be forced to wear regular shoes! that is tragic, seriously. i wear flip flops when it's 40 degrees out. that's why my toenails are always painted, no matter how busy i am. i just had to swallow my horror and share my tragic story with you all, in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, i could save another woman from going through this.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

midlife crisis update :)

i thought i should follow up on my post from the other day. many have expressed concern for me, specifically the people in my real life who read here. (sometimes i forget about those!) i'm ok, really! i'm just in a place where i need to rediscover myself, you know? i have the personality type (like many mothers) where i constantly look out for everyone else's needs but not my own. it's so easy to get caught up in meeting the needs of those around you that you lose yourself. i started writing again a few days ago, a book not this blog:). that's always been a good outlet for me. i'm having trouble getting into the groove of it but i know it will come. i'm making some decisions as to how i'll do things with this new baby. sometimes i have to be reminded that just because i've always done things a certain way doesn't mean it's the only way! most importantly, i have to remember to tell people how i'm feeling. i don't have to be strong all the time :) thanks for all your well wishes and for checking in even when i'm not funny!

Technology: Friend or Foe?

i love technology.. and i hate it at the same time. some of you may remember that i used to have a music player on my page. after awhile, an observant reader pointed out the player had my real first and last name on it. i had never noticed that and was thankful for the tip! i removed it. i just spent the last half an hour trying to figure out how to put a new playlist on without my account name on it! turns out, it's not complicated. apparently i'm just dense (no surprise there, i choose to blame on the kids stealing my brain cells). and i wonder why my laundry piles up? because i spend thirty minutes messing around with a playlist. what can i say, i love music way too much. if i could i would have it playing everywhere i go. anywho, ENJOY!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

top ten reasons i should not have read "twilight"

10. now i continuously think of these characters, as if they are real people. i actually miss them. feel free to refer a mental health professional.

9. i found a website for MOMs who are hooked on twilight. while it made me feel a little less unstable, i now have a message board to discuss with others. like i needed something to encourage me to spend more time on the internet.

8. i'm trying to figure out how i will convince this new baby to take a bottle occasionally (my other breast feeders would have no part in it) so i can see the new movie when it comes out in november. you read that right. altering your parenting over a movie. priceless...

7. my DVR is overloaded. i have no desire to watch tv (usually my secret love :) i just want to read. so does themr.

6. as i'm dangerously close to the end of the final book (i've put off finishing for as long as i can) i'm trying to figure out what i will do next. what did i do before twilight? i tried to start rereading wuthering heights last night but it just didn't cut it.

5. someone wanted to borrow book three and i had to convince myself that it was ok to let it out of my possession.

4. i'm 31, enough said.

3. i'm too hormonal to be reading a love story. that's all i'll say about that.

2. i tried to win a contest today that was a trip to the set. hello? i'm pregnant with my fifth kid. i'm sure i can just jet off to italy and go to a movie set.

1. i don't know what #1 is. if reasons 2-10 were not enough to convince you then you're as addicted as i am!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

do you wanna be a vampire?

oh my, has anyone read the Twilight series? i had never even heard of these books until the movie came out. when it did, i was in no particular hurry to see it as i thought it was a teen movie. well, we rented it last weekend. themr and i are officially in a twilight frenzy. seriously. we watched it last friday night. we liked it so much that we bought it over the weekend. on sunday i started reading book one, since the few people i talked to about it said the book was so much better. i finished it monday and started book two. i'm almost finished with book three now and will buy the last one today. i actually have to force myself to not read it and get things done. my laundry situation is completely out of control. my house sadly shows the evidence of my week of obsessive reading. themr is reading book one. he doesn't have nearly as much time as i do so it'll take him longer. i don't know what it is about his story that's so intriguing. i know part of it is that i relate to the main character, Bella. she is totally me in high school. it's funny because a few chapters into the first book themr said "she reminds me so much of you". other than that, i can't seem to put my finger on what's so addicting but it is. i'm trying to slow myself down on this last book because i'm sad that it will be over soon! i don't want to finish it! i keep thinking "i'm a 31 year old mother of (almost) five and i'm hooked on a vampire series for teens". i don't even want to think about what that says about me. anyone feel my pain?