Wednesday, June 8, 2011

10 things i can't live without

my dishwasher has been broken for two days. this is dire folks. i'm no "roughing it" kinda girl. i have five kids. i need things to run as smoothly as possible around here! in honor of this crisis, i bring you the top ten things i can't live without...

10. texting. i could actually live without being able to make a phone call before no texting. i'm lazy. it's easy. sue me.

9. a cd player in every area of my house. what can i say? i love music. and i pretty much need to be listening to it all the time. it keeps me sane. (well, as sane as i'm capable of being!) on a side note: can you believe a person who loves music so much doesn't own an MP3 player? yeah, that would be because i dropped mine in the toilet about six months ago :(

8. google. it is my source for everything. don't believe me? in the past month i've googled everything from "inner diagram of a dishwasher" (duh) to "v-bac with breech presentation" to "itchy white bumps on feet". i find out everything from google. cause everyone knows that if it's on the internet it's true!

7. a fan blowing directly on me when i sleep. no matter what the weather, i have to have a fan. even in the dead of winter, i'm hot when i sleep. maybe it's hormones, maybe it's my inner "B" coming out while i sleep. either way, i need my fan!

6. some sort of chocolate, every single night. i've tried to quit, i swear. but i just can't! i've headed back to the gym this week, determined to finally lose this weight, but i still have to have my chocolate. i just have to.

5. my DVR. oh how i love thee, let me count the ways...

4. my favorite sweatpants. they are a men's size large, cut off on the bottom, covered in paint stains, and downright hideous. they are the most comfortable things in the world. theMr is most likely plotting how to dispose of them as we speak.

3. my dishwasher, of course! seven people produce a lot of dishes. i hate washing dishes. hate it. i spent most of my early years without one and i hope to never have to again!

2. my keurig. i know, i know, i talk about that stinkin coffee pot all the time. but i love it so much i can't help it! there is nothing better than a fresh cup of coffee whenever you want it!

1. air conditioning! it was 92 degrees here today. i honestly don't know how people manage to get by without it. it's bad enough that we don't have it in our van. an overheated mama is a very grumpy one!

what can you not live without?


Sarah said...

It's funny what some can live without and what others can. Does that make sense? LOL Anyway, now you've got me wanting to write a top 10 list of things I can't live without and #1 would definitely be A/C :D


themrs said...

you should!! i like to read other's take on this :)