Thursday, August 27, 2009

did you really just say that?

on tuesday, theMr's truck died. he was doing a job thirty minutes or so from our house so i had to pick him up. we had the truck towed to our house. theMr had to go to work so he wasn't here when the tow truck got here. our insurance covers towing, but only up to fifteen miles so we owed the amount for the overage. i wrote the guy a check and produced my driver's license with it. he looked at it, looked at me, looked back at the ID and said "Wow, you look alot younger here". uh, thanks. my reply? (remember, pregnancy= no brain filter) "maybe it's because i'm not eight and a half months pregnant there". he said "maybe" in a tone that made it clear he didn't think that was the case. is this guy for real? does he not know the level of violence a pregnant woman is capable of?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ten things i've learned after ten years of motherhood

10. throw away poopy underwear. it's just not worth it.

9. a bandaid will fix just about anything and they are cheap. utilize this.

8. take pleasure in small things, like picking out cute outfits. pretty soon they won't let you pick their clothes anymore.

7. naptime is for you, not cleaning. sit down, rest, read a book. trust me, those dishes will still be there when they wake up!

6. it's ok to let them watch too much tv once in a while. we all need a day off.

5. when you are enraged that your husband did ___________ wrong, remind yourself how lucky you are to have a husband who tries to please you at all.

4. celebrities have plastic surgeons, trainers, chefs and nannies. that's why they look like that after a baby. invest in a good pair of spanx.

3. it's ok to be really happy when school starts again. you can love them while still being happy to put them on the bus.

2. a really grumpy, tantrum throwing toddler will almost always stop when put in the bathtub.

1. everyday is a chance to start over. another day to not yell as much, take a shower before noon, make more than one serving of veggies and say "i love you" for no reason.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the princess starts school

my baby girl is officially in school. i cannot believe it. where did the time go? it seems so odd to me to be leaving a child at school all day who is still small enough to sit in a carseat! at least her brother and sister were in a booster by kindergarten. she's only 34lbs! she was so excited with her tinkerbell lunchbox and new ruffle socks. they attend a private christian school where uniforms are required so socks and shoes are pretty much their only option for "self expression". needless to say we had to think hard about which shoes to wear! theMr was able to come this morning due to his new work schedule. that was his first time doing the whole first day of school thing. i think he had a hard time keeping it together. i'll post pics later, so sweet:)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

two funerals and a wedding...

whew... it's been a crazy week or so! my grandmother (the other one) passed away. she had been sick for quite some time so in a way it was a peaceful thing to see her suffering ended. for me, that means losing both of my grandmothers in the span of two months. a few days later, a friend from high school was killed in an accident. so in response, our entire family came in from all over the country for the funeral. we had my cousin, his wife and two kids stay with us. that's four adults and SIX kids in a two bedroom house! to top it off? we had a flea infestation! so we spent the three days before they arrived paying to have our house treated and trying our hardest to get ready. on a good note, theMr completed many of the projects i wanted done before the baby comes! yay! we should have guests more often :) but we pulled it all together and despite the circumstances, it was really great to see everyone. this side of my family live around the texas/oklahoma area so we only see them every few years. i think this was the first time in ten years that we were all here at the same time. in the midst of the visitation, the funeral, family luncheons and all that, we had another visitation and a wedding reception! i slept on and off most of sunday and monday! my pregnant body can't handle all that anymore :)

the princess and her cousin, Eryn, who stayed with us!

ZaZa and his cousin, Tyler

the wedding reception

is that theMrs in a fountain? why, yes it is! we were leaving the reception as i was complaining about my swollen feet in five inch heels. (hey- just cause you're eight months pregnant doesn't mean you can't wear hot shoes!) i saw the fountain and i just had to do it! about three minutes later the police pulled up for a completely unrelated matter in the hotel. we had quite a laugh imagining if they had come just a few minutes sooner!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

june cleaver i am not....

this week is the bean's 10th birthday! in celebration, we decided she could have a sleepover last night. she invited her three BFF's and the plan was to camp out in our backyard. theMr would build a fire in our pit and they could roast smore's and sleep in a tent. he doesn't get home from work until about 9 so it was just me and all the small people until then. i had come up with the great idea to let the girls each make their own pizza for dinner. as we were waiting for the guests to arrive, i was getting all ingredients set out for them. i set the oven to preheat and was putting out all the toppings they could choose from. our pastor's daughter had already arrived and we were waiting on the other two. suddenly, i notice flames coming out of my burners. not smoke, FLAMES! i yell for the bean and her friend to take the baby upstairs and i open the oven. earlier in the day, we had decided to bomb our house for bugs. when doing so, i had put several bags of chips from on top of the refrigerator in the oven so they would not get insecticide in them. apparently i forgot to take them out before i preheated the oven. so they were on fire. in my kitchen. i grabbed the first thing i saw (which was a large, glass vase!) and filled it with water and threw it in there. that put it out. just then, the other two little girls arrive, to a house filled with smoke. um, thanks for entrusting your children to me! i'll try not to start any more fires... thankfully i'm good friends with both of the other moms! needless to say, we had to order pizza, which was no problem for the girls! after that it was smooth sailing. they played outside, toasted marshmallows, and did LOTS of giggling. they lasted a few hours in the tent before deciding they were scared (which i'm sure had nothing to do with theMr sneaking up on them and scaring the snot out of them) and they ended up sleeping in the house. i'm sure that's one slumber party they'll remember well. what can i say? i never claimed to be june cleaver!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

i need a vacay....

i need to lie on a beach with one of these drinks in my hand...
gazing at a sunset, my husband shirtless next to me...
no kids for miles around...
no pregnant belly....

ahhhh... a girl can dream can't she?