Friday, June 10, 2011

blah blah blah part 2

is anyone else ready for the kids to head back to school yet? anyone?? as we wind up week one of summer vacay i'm just about over it already. i love these kids. don't get me wrong. i adore these kids. but if one person fights about whether we're watching phineas and ferb or little einsteins, mama is gonna start drinking. it doesn't help that the weather is just not cooperating with our plans. it's either blistering hot with 100% humidity or a tornado. we've now canceled our zoo plans four times. these kids are gonna revolt if they are not at the zoo in the next five days. they are going to tie me to the luggage rack of the van and take themselves there. i can't blame them. the first day we planned to go, we realized it was high of 97 that day. uh, no thank you. that may not be quite as detrimental if not for the fact that we don't have a/c in our van. you cannot visit the zoo in those temps only to drive an hour home with no a/c. miserable. the next scheduled trip was rained out. then we were planning to go this monday (just me and the kids, fun, huh?) but wouldn't you know that my dear friend who i'm a doula for went into labor sunday night! (specifically? her water broke in the middle of her son's birthday party... which was consequently in the middle of my son's birthday party too!) so i got very little sleep on sunday night. not quite the best mood for taking five kids to the zoo alone. soooo.... we rescheduled for tomorrow. do you know what the forecast looks like for tomorrow? storms. all day. the little guy is gonna lose his marbles if he doesn't see some "real monkeys and goats" soon. (i have no idea why he wants to see goats there. he wants what he wants!) sunday the weather looks perfect, however, we have three other events that day. three. i'm not sure what we're gonna do. play it by ear i suppose. cause it's not like there's any planning involved with taking a family our size to the zoo for the day!

moving on... my kids figured out how to turn on the hose. while you're probably thinking "that's not rocket science!" let me explain. last summer, theMr dismatled the the handle since they wouldn't stop turning the hose on and spraying each other at the most inopportune times. but alas, they've outsmarted us again. world domination is what these kids are shooting for...

last night i was lecturing the bean about being passive aggressive. (and telling her not to be!) the little guy walks up, all serious, and says "and never put toothpaste on your eyes" and walks away. deep words of wisdom from a four year old, lol

the summers are always a catch 22 for us. the kids are home, the schedule is more relaxed, however it's the busiest work season for theMr. we don't see much of him. he's gone right now from about 6am-9p during the week. It makes for very long days for both him and i! it definitely makes me even more thankful for our weekly date night. i think without it we may go a month without actually having a conversation!

i think that's all i have to ramble about today. what's going on with you?

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Sassy said...

Your kids never fail to crack me up!

We have had to put the zoo off several times too. :(

So far my kids are not impressed with their summer vacay. lol