Thursday, June 9, 2011


i changed a few of my sidebar photos today. specifically, esme's. i replaced the one of her having a fit (because she was being asked to do something she doesn't like... cooperate) with one of her grinning (because she was doing something she's not allowed to do!) she's, how do i put it, multi-faceted! you really never know what side you may get with her, at any given moment!

she may be happy because she has stolen her dad's sunglasses...

or because she has a snack (only if you give her the snack she wants, otherwise, watch out!)

she may smile and lean in to give uncle adam a kiss...

only to be furious two minutes later at his nerve to try and get her picture!

she is thrilled with the chance to climb into a lovely planter downtown...

to steal their american flag!

and don't get me started on the torture that is the sprinkler!

you just never really know what you're gonna get with this girl..

other than cute :)

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