Tuesday, June 29, 2010

update on theMr

well, i had typed this long explanation of what's going on and then somehow i hit shift and it all deleted! so you're going to have to get the reader's digest version because for some reason my home computer is not working and i can only get online at the hospital! essentially, he injured his back pretty severely on thursday and is still in the hospital. he's basically having therapy to learn how to walk. he's been unable to do so since then. he's having loads of medications and physical therapy hoping to get him mobile enough to come home. maybe (fingers crossed!) today? we'll just have to see. they are also running some additional tests for an unrelated issue that they came across by accident. specific prayer requests would obviously be quick recovery and coming home. also continued arrangements for the kids and patience for me as i try to navigate meeting everyone's needs and discerning who needs me the most at any given time! thanks for caring about us, i'll let you know more when i can!

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