Thursday, July 1, 2010

anniversary top ten!

i can hardly believe it's been ten years since i married theMr. i realized this morning while i was driving the three older kids to camp what a long strange trip it's been! i can only imagine if someone had told me then that one day i'd be carting three of my five kids to camp and hoping the little ones would take a nap so i could have one too! ohhh.. the romance :) so here we are, a decade later, a little bit smarter, fatter and just as poor! but we have grown from shallow first love to something that i never thought was possible for two people as dysfunctional as we are. to best friends, partners in sarcasm, twilight loving, baby making, people who stay up too late watching movies and laughing and regretting it the next morning! we've been through lots of ups and lots of downs and we're still here. we still love each other. we still want to come home to each other at the end of the day. i'd say that's success :) without further ado...

top ten reasons i'm so glad i married theMr!

10. we love the same stupid shows. shows geared towards teenagers. shows who's actors would be embarrassed to know that we're fans because we'd remind them of their parents. and we have no shame about it.

9. he can fix just about anything. especially if i tell him he can't. then he gets it done even faster just to prove me wrong.

8. he supports me in all my craziness. we're talking alot of craziness. i'm pretty much a hormonal roller coaster. in ten years there have probably only been about 11 months that i haven't been pregnant or breastfeeding. trust me, he's put up with a LOT.

7. he's a dreamer. he has goals and desires and plans for our family that sometimes defy reality. but i love him for it. one glass half empty person is enough in a marriage!

6. he's hot. i mean, super HOT. way hotter than when i married him. not many women can say that!

5. he obviously has great DNA, have you seen my kids?

4. he's the only person in the world who lets me be completely myself and loves me for it. i never have to be anything other than what i am for him. and i think he tends to make me the best version of myself. i hope i do the same for him.

3. he works so hard for us. besides his stressful, full time job, he does contracting jobs on the side to help make ends meet. he works hard to not only provide the things we need but things we want to.

2. he's a super dad.

1. he's truly my best friend. there is no one that i have more fun with, that i laugh more with, that i trust more completely than theMr. he is my partner for life and my love for eternity!

Happy Anniversary!

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