Saturday, July 2, 2011

a birthday fit for a princess!

guess who's 7 this weekend?

this girl!

i wanted to plan something fun for her that would be different, exciting and not too expensive :) we usually just have a cookout on her birthday and see fireworks, since her actual day is the 3rd. this year we did things a bit different. we had a scavenger hunt! all she knew ahead of time was that we were celebrating her birthday. no other details. we told her she'd just have to find out when her first clue arrived! so imagine her excitement when the doorbell rang yesterday to reveal her best friend, katelyn, holding a clue!

"the very first step in this super fun quest
is a visit to the "fake aunt" you love the best!
p.s. one dog treat will be required to get the next clue!"

so off we went to columbus, to my bff mandi's house! (who my kids like to refer to as their fake aunt!~)
upon arrival, they were presented with the second clue. (after giving her lovable chocolate lab, brodie, a few treats!)

"here's the next clue:
where does mandi love to eat?
i hope it smells yummy and not like stinky feet!"

we promptly went to red robin, of course, aunt mandi's favorite restaurant! my dad and brother were already there waiting for us! the kids had never eaten there (and quite honestly, don't get to eat in sit down restaurants often. it's pricey with so many kids!)

aliyah, katelyn & mandi's niece, iris!

they sang to her and brought a big sundae!
(and her next clue!)

"where aunt mandi works,
all day and some night.
we'll go there right now,
to see a cool sight!"

we were off to ohio state medical center! when we arrived, she was immediately given another clue...

"to the top of the building,
as high as a kite,
we'll take the elevator,
that sounds just right!"

we took the elevator to the very top floor, the roof!
only more clue to go...

"one last clue,
to unwrap a gift,
must know the answer,
not slow but swift!
think very hard,
don't strain your head
what comes in the sky?
blue, white and red?"

of course she figured out that we were there to watch the famous "red, white and boom" atop the hospital!

so while we waited for day...

to become night...

we had fun! aunt mandi, genius at entertaining children, brought fake mustaches for the kids. it was hilarious and a huge hit. (more about that later!)

she opened her gift, which was an american girl doll complete with several outfits.

it was a great (long, exhausting...) night!
the kids had a blast.
the adults had fun, too.
happy july 4th from me to you!

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