Tuesday, May 10, 2011

top ten things to not do with your cell phone...

remember a few weeks ago when we discussed appropriate behavior at church? well since that was so well received, let's go over cell phone etiquette! k? now i would like to preface this post with the disclaimer that i may be guilty of some of these items. i'm working on it and you should too!

10. forgetting to turn your phone off... or simply not caring if it rings when you are in a quiet, public place. turn it on vibrate. we don't care that your ringtone is "cherry pie".

9. being on the phone while checking out at the grocery store. it's rude. you are basically saying to that employee "you are so unimportant to me that i can't even be bothered to get off the phone!"

8. talking so loud that everyone in a five mile radius can hear every word. this is made even worse by doing so while discussing very private things. i'm sorry it hurts when you pee. but i'd rather not hear about it while at target with my children. which leads me to #7....

7. (loudly) using profanity on your phone. hey jerkwad, just because your four year old knows the F bomb doesn't mean i want mine to. clean it up, you're in public.

6. pulling out your phone and reading and returning a text while having a one on one conversation with someone. again, why don't you just come out and say that updating your facebook status is way more important to you than the person you are speaking to? cause that's what your actions are speaking.

5. talking on your phone in a restaurant while out to dinner with your wife. while she just sits there and quietly eats. a very effective way to find yourself eating dinner in restaurants alone. you are not the president, you do not need to be on call 24/7. in fact, i bet even obama turns his phone off when on a date with his wife! (for the record, theMr does not do this. i just see it all the time when we're out!)

4. using a bluetooth. i know, you think it's super convenient. you are way too busy and important to have to hold a phone up to your ear while you talk. but guess what? you look like a lunatic who is walking through walmart having an animated conversation with yourself!

3. constantly pocket dialing! now this happens to the best of us occasionally. but if your pocket calls me all the time, it's time to stop putting your phone in there! ever heard of keyguard? on a related note, if your baby calls me every time you let them play with your phone, stop letting them play with your phone! forgive me if this seems touchy but my name is Abby. i'm first on everyone's call list.

2. if you are going to send an inappropriate pic of yourself to someone, you better make sure you send it tot he right person. you better also make sure you erase it before you give that phone to someone else. i would advise you to just not send the picture. just a little unsolicited advice!

1. while i adore texting, it's so easy to never actually talk to people. and relationships cannot flourish by text alone. pick up the phone and call your mother to tell her happy mother's day. call your friend on their birthday. call your wife and tell her you love her. you'll be glad you did :)

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