Sunday, May 1, 2011

top ten ways you know it's your 5th child

10. you see her getting all the dvd's out but you don't stop her because she's quiet and she's not whining.

9. while you normally don't allow the pacifier past age one, you really just don't care anymore.

8. she eats pizza for dinner five nights out of the week, because that's what she likes.

7. two of your other children know how to change her diaper now.

6. you nursed for 18months because you were too tired to fight the battle of weaning. you eventually did it by going out of town for three days.

5. you find yourself overshopping (a lot) because "it's your last baby!"

4. you also find yourself catering to her diva tendencies for the same reason :)

3. you realize that she is probably going to be a spoiled monster because of these things, but you think she's so cute it's ok.

2. your whole household is tempted to just let her have her way so everyone can have peace.

1. you feel sad as she outgrows each little piece of clothing knowing you'll never put it on a baby again. and they you feel joy knowing you'll never again suffer the exhaustion of having a new baby. then you feel grief in the thought that you'll never feel a little one move in your belly. and you are alternately thrilled that this is the last time you have to lose baby weight. all in all, apparently your hormones are permanently wrecked from all of these pregnancies!

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Girl Child said...

ok so maybe u don't agree.. but omg I saw this baby and it looks like esme's twin! check it out..

too cute! sooo not that we're like friend-friends.. lol.. but so i created a private blog and meant to write a very personal post on there and friggen wrote it on my open one instead.. so uh yeah.. delete!! anywho.. ill still be popping in ;)