Tuesday, May 24, 2011

good friends are hard to find...

this weekend my best friend was in town from louisville. T and i have been inseparable since fate brought us together at 15. we have been partners in crime, dancing queens and never once been mad at each other in 18 years! (OMG T we are so old!) there are few people in life that you can be 100% yourself all the time with. that you never have to censor yourself with. that knows everything about you and still likes you. that has been there through weddings and breakups and babies and life, right beside you. i love T!

anywho, yesterday we decided to spend the day together and take the kids to COSI (local science museum, about 45 mins away) so we packed up my two youngest and her three year old and were off! all was good until we got there and realized that they are closed on mondays. of course they are. why wouldn't they be? so now we have three very grumpy children to find an activity for. there was a magic mountain nearby so we went there.

the kids had a blast and ate pizza and ran to their little hearts content.

they were all very well behaved and got along wonderfully!

it's a nice break for me to only take two kids somewhere!

we left there, exhausted, but contented. we got on the highway to come home. and were quickly stuck in barely moving traffic. soon after? we were diverted off the highway into a little suburb of columbus with no further instruction as to how to get home. our GPS just kept telling us to get on the highway that was closed. after much driving and frustration, we stopped at starbucks and got directions. (when in doubt? an iced cinnamon dolce latte is in order!) all in all, what should have taken 45 mins to get home took 2 hours. but we made it. and there are few people in this world i'd rather be stuck in a car with. love you T!!

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confessions said...

i love when she is home.. miss her.. lets try to talk her into moving back .. sounds like a plan