Friday, May 20, 2011

top ten best blogs

i love blogs. i love to read them. i love to write them. i just love them. i've talked to a few of my readers who don't read any other blogs (they only read mine because they know me!). so i thought i'd share some of my favorites!!

10. accidental exhibitionist ! she doesn't update often, but super funny when she does :)

9. every bitter thing is sweet i can't remember how i found this blog but it is so touching. this couple has adopted two children from africa. her writing is encouraging, uplifting, touching and genuine. she makes me cry sometimes, it's a good thing :)

8. life with kaishon! rebecca is not only a wonderful writer but an awesome photographer. her pairing of her beautiful photos with inspiring quotes never ceases to touch me!

7. shaun groves! i found him through his role working for compassion international. i stayed for his thought provoking posts. i always come away encouraged ( and sometimes convicted!)

6. stuff christians like! oh my word... this guy is so funny... and right on. you just have to read to understand. love him!

5. stuff white people like! equally funny and true... you just have to read to believe!

4. this is reverb! i think what originally drew me to this blogger was how much he reminds me of my husband and the fact that he's from ohio. he's just a down to earth guy. he says what i think theMr would say if he sat down to write a blog :)

3. Bring the rain ! there was a reason i was sooo excited to see this lovely lady speak at women of faith! she is kind, wise and so very sweet! and she has a testimony that will rock you. seriously.

2. Dancing in the Rain! now i may be a bit bias because i love her so dearly IRL, but she's a great writer with an incredible heart. she was my first friend acquired through blogging and i adore her. i think you will too!

1. Barefoot foodie! she is so funny there are really no words. be warned: it's not always the most discreet blog. but you will laugh. oh how you will laugh.


Carol said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I too, heart Sassy big time :)

Sarah said...

What I didn't make your list??? LOL

themrs said...

@carol, she is why i always tell people you can meet REAL friends online and meet up with them! it's not creepy, lol :) i love your blog also. your girls are SOO cute!

@sarah- you know i love your blog! what i appreciate most about you is that we can have a friendship and a deep respect for one another despite how different our views may be! at the end of the day, we serve the same Savior and that's all that matters :)

Sassy said...

Isn't it amazing how close you can get to someone just from their blog?! I feel like I have known you my whole life and you have become a very dear friend and sister in Christ. Your faith is inspiring and anyone who knows your testimony, knows you are one of the strongest people on Earth! You are a beautiful woman, an excellent mother and an amazing friend. Your support and love has helped me get through some of the toughest seasons in my life! I think about and pray for you daily!And now that I am seriously crying (I know I am such a nerd) I will just end my saying...I love ya momma!

And Carol....I love you too! I am very blessed to have found you both! :)

Brittany said...

Well, I am in amazing company!

Thank you so much for including me on this list, I am all blushy now:)