Sunday, May 8, 2011

the obligatory mother's day post

i was thinking this morning that mother's should get a day for each of their children. so i'd get five mother's days a year. but on further introspection, i admitted that mothers of one child still work from sun up to sun down just like mothers of ten children do so that's not really fair to them to only get one a year. so my new proposition is one mother's day per month. come on... that's not asking too much! one thirtieth of the year we get a day off? we work tirelessly! we don't even get bathroom breaks! we don't get lunch break! we don't get a sub for sick days or coverage for the night shift! we can't get a day a month??? i know it's never gonna happen... but we can hope, right?

that being said, i'd rather talk about my own mom today than my experiences as a mother. (i do that every day here!) my mom is truly an amazing woman. there really is no other word to use to describe her. she is patient, gentle, compassionate, witty, hardworking, dedicated, intelligent, faithful... just to name a few :) she has worked tirelessly to care for us (all five of us!) she has sacrificed and given and given some more too ensure that we had everything we needed and much that we wanted. she is always there to listen and support. she worked long hours when i was a baby to support me and to provide a stable life for me after my parent's divorce. she was my mother and my father and my friend and my biggest cheerleader. she has encouraged me towards righteousness. she is never afraid to tell me the words that i need to hear, even when i don't want to hear them. she speaks the truth to me and pushes me to to love the Lord more and more every day. she guides me in being a woman of God, in loving my husband completely, in raising my children. she is my inspiration and my example. she is one of the few people in this world who has never let me down. there are not enough words in the english language to say thank you. so i'll just say thank you. i love you!

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