Wednesday, May 4, 2011

sometimes i just want to complain.

some things i'm not too crazy about..... (in no particular order)

~ babies with mullets.

~ being asked if i am pregnant

~ that my hands smell like tuna all day after i make theMr tuna salad, his favorite (even though i've washed them twice)

~ when bloggers post really super personal info about their husbands or naked pics of their children. this is the internet, not your private scrapbook.

~ going to the dentist.

~ the amount of large school projects my kids' school assigns.

~ taking all of my kids grocery shopping

~ shorts for my 6 year old that look like the ones hooters girls wear.

~ people that only ever talk about themselves

~ funerals

~ touching uncooked meat

~ discussing politics

~ prescription medication commercials that are all "this will fix everything in your body!" and then proceed with side effects like loss of all hair and possibly changing sexes.

~ the fact that it has rained every day here for at least a month.

~eating leftovers for more than two days

~mopping the kitchen floor

~ when people share facebook accounts

~when people hijack your facebook status. (ex: you put that you just found out something bad and someone tells you to be thankful for it. shut up.)

~ baking

~ being told i'm unreasonable. i'm not so unreasonable that i don't realize i'm unreasonable. i've found peace with it. you should too.

~people who have way more money than we do telling me how they don't have any money.

~having to discipline my kids.

~ having to do the above in a public place

~ pulling out the couch and finding all kinds of gross things back there. who in this house is continuously throwing trash behind the couch??

~when themr forgets trash day

~when my mom has to tell me something about myself i'm not going to like and she is forced to use that "don't jump off a cliff" tone with me.

~ when bloggers post a long meaningless list of things they don't like, as if anyone else cares!

*maybe tomorrow i'll talk about things i like. or maybe i won't. we'll just have to see!*

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