Tuesday, September 28, 2010

top ten ways you know that you are sleep deprived...

i am so tired. really, really tired. perpetually and all the time. some days i'm so tired of being tired. after awhile i think your brain just starts malfunctioning from the sleep deprivation. and here are the ways you know you just need more sleep!

10. you are constantly dripping caffeinated beverages on your baby's head while nursing. while this is unfortunate, it is the only way you are going to stay awake to feed afore mentioned baby.

9. you find yourself wondering how many minutes of sleep you can sneak in on the couch before your toddler burns the house down.

8. you're too tired to tell people how tired you are when they ask how you are doing.

7. unlike this post, you would now pay a stranger to watch the kids while you nap.

6. you really start to wonder if it would be inappropriate to give all the kids benadryl to "facilitate" a nice long nap!

5. when the rare opportunity for a date night comes up, you'd rather just go to a hotel and sleep!

4. where you used to be jealous of your friends who have already lost their baby weight, now you're jealous of the ones who's babies sleep through the night.

3. you've been known to offer your baby anything from a fully paid college experience to a new car to just. go. to. sleep.

2. your whole day is focused around the next time you get to sleep.

1. it takes you twice as long to write a blog post because you are too tired to concentrate!

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Sassy said...

I hear ya sister!! I have been working on a blog post for over a week now and every time I go back to it I have to rewrite it because it doesn't make sense. ha!