Thursday, September 9, 2010

top ten ways you know that your husband has had too many children!

we've discussed before the many ways parenting changes us as women. but what about the dads? here are just a few ways to know he's had too many kids!

10. he wipes the baby's snotty nose on his shirt. his white, ralph lauren shirt.

9. after several sleepless nights with sick kids, he sees the baby do something cute and says "we should have another one!"

8. he doesn't even protest when the girls want to put make up on him. he just knows now not to let them use nail polish.

7. he's already thinking about the three weddings we'll have to pay for and comments that the "next one" will hopefully be a boy.

6. he thinks anyone with less children than us has it easy.

5. he's figured out how to fit three carseats in his truck.

4. he realizes he really needs a bigger truck... not for work but for children!

3. "date night" now consists of take out japanese food and watching shows online. and we love it.

2. he comes home from golf and missed the kids.

1. he now has SIX people that are super excited to see him come through the door at night!