Thursday, August 14, 2008

who are these people and why are they calling me mom?

that's the kind of week i'm having. my husband has been working over time for a week now (out the door at 6am, not home till around 9:30pm). i'm at a point where i would offer money to a stranger walking down the street to watch these kids for a few hours. that's desperation for you. it's not that my children have been unruly, they've just been kids. and four kids, a puppy and PMS is not a good combo. i've had alot of errands to run this week and anytime you have to take that many kids to multiple locations is not good. especially considering that three of four are still in carseats. i'm so tired i would trade my left arm for some sleep. maybe even my right arm. i'm sorry for complaining, but i am in serious need of conversation with an adult and this is the closest i have right now! the most frustrating part is that for once, i could afford a sitter but don't have one. hence eyeing strangers walking down the street. anywho, hope you're all doing well. and not leaving your kids with strangers.

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