Saturday, September 25, 2010

the shower

i can't wait to tell you about the baby shower i helped throw last weekend! it was for my dear friend, shannon, and her sweet baby, Imogen! now this isn't just any baby story... this is a love story that rivals my own! i met shannon through her older brother, mark. mark has been one of my oldest and dearest friends for over 17 years. i didn't meet shannon until several years ago as she was not included in our teenage shenanigans in mark's attempt to not corrupt her :) anyway, this is shannon's story. you see, shannon was married very young and had three darling children. unfortunately, a few years ago she went through a painful divorce. suddenly she went from stay at home mom to three young children to a single mom. but shannon is a fighter. so she got a job, took care of her kids and moved on with her life. then, when it was least expected, she fell in love with mark's lifelong best friend! the boy she had known most of her life and had a crush on all through school! now none of us were particularly surprised to see this. it was obvious immediately that these two were meant for each other.

so last summer, in a beautiful garden ceremony, they were married! not too long after, little miss imogen was conceived :)

of course, i never pass up a chance to throw a baby shower! we are all so excited for this new little family and their life together. so my other BFF, theresa, and i did it uP!

she came for the weekend from out of state and we had a blast doing it. not to mention shopping for a baby girl... we truly can't wait to meet her!

the two very excited big sisters!

the two (possibly even more) excited grandma's to be!

miss esme never misses a baby shower!


Mark A. B. said...

Abby, you are SOOOO awesome! Love you.

Mark A. B. said...

Awwww! Abby, you are sooo awesome. Love you.

themrs said...

i love you too! and your sweet sister :)