Wednesday, September 22, 2010


as mom's of young children, we are given the daunting task of teaching all the basics. the alphabet, counting, shapes, colors, etc. nobody wants to be the mom who's kid gets to college and still doesn't know how to count to ten! unfortunately, our days are filled with diapers and laundry and vacuuming and watching the real housewives of i meant to say sesame street... anyway, we have to get creative! when you have several young children in your care daily other than your own, it leaves even less time for important things like teaching and reality tv!
one of the ways i try to incorporate things like that is at lunch time! i label each child's lunch with their initial and they have to pick which plate is theirs. then we say other words that start with that letter.

we also count the number of items on each plate. i try to remember to make each one different but it doesn't always happen. i can ask them each to tell me how many carrots they have.

we also talk about the colors on their plates. for some reason they all love finding colors so after the lunch items we find other things in the kitchen that are the same color.

miss esme just takes it all in while stuffing as many pears in her fat cheeks as possible. she's probably going to be a genius from all of this mealtime learning.

at least i can rest assured that none of theMrs' kids will head to college not knowing how many carrots are on their plates!

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Tonya Hall said...

You are an amazing mom. I love to read your blog. I wish you could have raised my children, maybe they wouldn't have turned out so unappreciative (and would have actually eaten vegetables).