Monday, September 6, 2010

pictures, pictures and more pictures...

this post is pure laziness! obviously since i haven't posted in forever i thought i should check in. but i just don't have anything to say. so much going on but i just can't get into all of it. so here's lots of pics. enjoy :)

the kids played dress up with miss esme...

she was not exactly a fan...

they were having a "baby model shoot" ha ha

in more wonderful news... my new little niece, pearl was born! she is beautiful and perfect and adorable. she cries all night and makes her mama tired and crazy but she is so sweet! i can hold her and smell her and get my baby fix and then go home!

this is miss esme in her new swing that her dad put up for her. she loves it and it gives me a place to put her when the kids are riding bikes, now that she's mobile and all!

maybe soon i'll make a real post. maybe.

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