Sunday, September 12, 2010

feast or famine?

is anyone else's life as a parent always feast or famine? as in, either we know where seven pacifiers are or we are guarding our last one like it's the crown jewel? or we have a bulk pack of diapers in the pantry, enough for ten babies, or we're down to making two last till tomorrow and praying the baby doesn't poop? and when you're in the construction trade, like we were for many years, finances are like that too. summer months mean lots of work, little of seeing daddy and lots of extra money. the winter is long, slow work and no money. but we get to see each other! can't i find a happy medium somewhere? just enough diapers till i go to the store next week? one pacifier in the mouth and a spare just in case? enough money to pay the bills and supply the occasional iced hazelnut latte all year long? is that too much to ask?

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Sassy said...

It does seem to go that way doesn't it? The same can be said for groceries. Or gas in your vehicle. It never fails when I'm already running late, trying to corral all the kids and get them loaded up, I get in the car to find that my tank is on E. Isn't it called Murphy's Law or something? lol