Tuesday, September 21, 2010

hey lady!

so my youngest son is in speech therapy. he has a rather significant speech delay so he's been seeing a speech therapist for about nine months. he recently "graduated" to having to name the pictures he's shown as opposed to just repeating words. so at this his therapy yesterday she showed him a picture of a lady, as "L" sounds are hard for him. He replied "Mommy". she said that "yes, mommy is a lady, can you say lady?" he just kept saying "no, that's mommy!". is it his fault that at three he already knows that mommy is no lady? lol


Mile High Mom said...

Jackson can't say his "L"s either. Sometimes it becomes inappropriate. He calls flags "fags". The other night before putting him to bed, he was looking out our (open) window and saw a neighbor's flag and yelled out the window "goodnight fag!"

themrs said...

OMG michelle you actually made me laugh out loud! that is hilarious! one day one of aliyah's shows was doing words that rhyme with truck. you can imagine what came up when my little over achiever said every letter of the alphabet rhyming with truck :)