Friday, August 27, 2010

multitask is my middle name

enough angst and soul searching for this week (but thanks to all who encouraged me :) it's time to get back to why we're here- to discuss the insanity that is the everyday life of a mom! so i may have mentioned before that i do in home childcare. this is how we manage to send our children to private school on one income. i watch two boys (ages 3 and 5 mths) twice a week and a two year old three days a week. that's in addition to my own 10 month old and three year old. fridays i have the first two boys. now normally i don't venture out much with them all (that's five kids 3 and under if you're counting!) but occasionally it can't be avoided. like today. when i got a call from the school that one of my children was having an allergy attack and needed picked up. of course this call came just as i was getting ready to make lunch for the bigger kids and feed a bottle to the 5 month old. so i had one of the 3 year olds hold the bottle for the 5 month old and threw together a lunch for them to eat in the car while breastfeeding esme. yes, you read that right. i was making lunch while breastfeeding. i can do just about anything while breastfeeding. it's a matter of necessity. my poor neighbor's house is so close to my kitchen window i shudder to think how many times he's most likely seen me walking around my kitchen while nursing a baby! anyway, i threw some sandwiches and pretzels in baggies, made cups of ice water and put the babies in their respective carseats. now here's where it gets tricky: how do i get all these children to the car by myself? i obviously cannot carry two infants while holding the hand of the two 3 year olds. i also live in a neighborhood where it is not exactly safe to leave kids alone in the car. not to mention, my own 3 year old will either lock me out of the van or try to drive it if i leave him in there. and i can't leave someone else's kids alone in my car. so as i'm trying to figure it out, theMr comes home. hallelujah! he helps me get everyone loaded up. it's a good thing because i also had to move around some carseats, which i hadn't thought of before. i had to make room for an extra infant carseat and also have the toddlers where i could see them since they would be eating. are you tired yet? i'm tired just typing it! so we managed to get everyone buckled in and pick up the sick child. thankfully when we got home i could have her carry esme in so i could get the rest. now i just have to feed the babies, change their diapers, take the older ones potty and it's naptime! i made it! well, for an hour or so :)

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