Thursday, July 22, 2010

true confessions part 4

you know what time it is?? it's time for true confessions? it's been awhile since i've divulged my deep dark secrets for all to judge. what's more fun than hearing how dysfunctional someone else is? let's do this!

1. remember when i told you i was seeing a counselor to deal with my anger issues? well, i'm not doing so well. as in, i became totally enraged with a stranger just yesterday at the grocery and had to mentally convince myself that it was not ok to ram him with my cart. but i did mutter some not very nice things loud enough for him to hear. in defense of my counselor, some circumstances have occurred that have prevented me from seeing him for quite awhile. i'm going back next week. my anger has grown into this whole other entity that i drag around with me. not good. not good at all.

2. sleep deprivation is making me a crazy. i am so tired i cannot see straight. it's making me mean and hateful. it also means my kids are eating random items for breakfast, such as cheezits, because i'm too tired to care. now i know i've told you in the past how i like to eat those types of things for breakfast but i usually try to make sure my kids are a little healthier. right now i just don't care. as long as they're fed we're all good.

3. i sure did make theMr take the princess to urgent care this past weekend when her earring was ripped out of her ear because i couldn't handle it. i thought she was going to have to have a shot and stitches and i was sick to my stomach thinking about it. so i had him do it. turns out they glued her earlobe together! crazy!

4. i've seen eclipse twice and i'm dying to see it again. this should come as no surprise to my regular readers as you all know how i feel about twilight :)

5. i may have thrown away some underwear that a certain three year old had an accident in so i didn't have to get them clean. maybe...

6. i may have also not given certain phone messages to my almost 11 year old because i prefer she not hang out with that person.

7. and lastly, i may have pretended (just moments ago) that i had no idea my son was sneaking a cookie from the jar so i wouldn't have to discipline him for it!

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Rich Wildman said...

Thanks for your honesty. If it helps, I have had my Mother take my wife Sharon to the hosptial before when Sharon cut her hand on a glass, because Sharon was afraid I might be the one to pass out.