Saturday, July 10, 2010

i have to stop yelling at people on the phone...

is that the best title ever? seriously, i have issues with customer service persons on the phone. it's not my fault. they make me do it. i call them prepared to deal with whatever my problem is in a rational and calm manner. then it all goes you know where in a handbasket. first, i have to navigate through the computer system just to get to a human.

Computer Generated Voice: "Please state the reason for you call."

Me: "I'd like to pay my bill."

"I'm sorry, I did not understand you. Did you say 'i would like to take a pill?"


"you would like to pay your bill?"


"ok, would you like to pay by credit card or check by phone?"


"i'm sorry, i did not understand you. did you say 'ben affleck'?"


and it goes on for ten more minutes when finally they send me to a human. then the human tries to charge me $5 for assisting me. when i politely tell her i will not pay that fee due to the fact the computer generated payment system is obviously addicted to crack, she insists she can't take it off. when i nicely point out that this is system is supposed to be designed to make payment easier but is in reality more complicated, she sighs and asks me rather curtly if i want to pay my bill or not. here's the deal, i am extremely polite to strangers. on the phone, in person, wherever i go. i see no reason to be otherwise. but somehow in the process of these things i become so frustrated i turn into yelling-sarcastic-i'm-gonna-track-you-down-and-show-up-at-your-call-center-to-cause-a-scene-lady. except i could never do that because all the call centers are in india. that's why none of the representatives speak english as their first language. see the problem? what ever happened to the days where you could pay all your bills downtown and yell at a real person? what is happening to this world?

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