Saturday, May 15, 2010

true confessions part 3

so i was told recently by someone who was mad at me that i think i'm perfect. while that could not be farther from the truth, maybe i am not as transparent about my faults as i thought i was? who knows but here goes, my faults. as honestly as i can make them.

- i'm a sarcastic A-hole when i'm angry. i really am. i can have a biting tongue when provoked. i would like to say i'm working on it but honestly i'm not making much progress. i'll keep you posted.

- i am never wrong. never. ok, maybe i am wrong and i just don't realize it.

- i am extremely loyal ( i know, that's not bad) but once someone has pushed me to a certain point i'm done. i have a lot of patience but once i've lost it i've truly lost it. unfortunately, there's a point of no return and i can never seem to find my way back from it.

- i'm terribly strong willed and sure of myself. not a good combo. i will fight for anything i believe is right and i'm sure i'm always right. you do the math.

- i'm abrasive. oh the abrasiveness. this has one of two results. either people think it's funny and "just who i am" or they are highly offended. or they think it's funny until i go too far and then they are offended.

- i will defend my family fiercely, even if they're in the wrong. not always a good thing.

- i want to be better than i am, i want to strive to be more. yet i find myself sinking into my "self" whenever i get angry. that i truly am working on. remember that therapy i talked about? we're working on it.

this is really just the tip of the iceberg. ask anyone who knows me well. or has ticked me off in the last 32 years. or cut me off in traffic. or cussed at their kids in walmart in my presence. you get the picture.

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