Saturday, January 16, 2010

true confessions part 3

it's time for another true confessions post! it's time to let out the ugly truth for all to judge! here we go!!
i watch twilight whenever my husband is gone for an evening. and i still swoon. he's out of town for this entire weekend. you do the math.

i've quickly "dusted" my end tables and mantle with baby wipes when unexpected company is coming over.

i own a pocket sized edward cullen doll and i take pictures of him with my cell phone in random, funny situations. i'm that awesome. or ridiculous....

i've been known to teach my toddler sarcastic remarks and then act clueless when he repeats them in the presence of another adult.

sometimes i bake chocolate chip cookies after everyone else is in bed and i don't share them. with anyone. i eat them all. hence the 30lbs i need to lose.

i love crossword puzzles but i am super anal about how they're done. i can only use a pencil and it has to be mechanical and have a good eraser. those people that do them with a pen totally freak me out. thrill seekers they are!

i secretly think my kids are better than everyone else's and it's not cause i'm biased!

i admit things on my blog because i think it will relieve me of all guilt!


Sassy said...

lol I so get you with the Twilight thing! But Hubby is quickly becoming a fan as well so almost every time we have free time he suggests watching it! Score!

Also the baby wipe thing? Have so done that! I have even used them to clean spit up off the floor, pee around the toilet (because for some reason my boys can't aim) and snot off the couch! :D

themrs said...

Sassy- my husband is a fan too, i'm so lucky :)he even read all the books. eclipse comes out on our 10th wedding anniv weekend. yay! lol

wipes really are good for so many things. and my boys can't aim either. it's a male thing.

Life with Kaishon said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Crossword puzzles with a pen equeals thrill seeker in my book too!

Do you know I have never read Twilight or seen the movie. I think I need to be cooler!

themrs said...

REBECCA!!!! you must experience twilight, seriously! just ask sassy, i coerced her into and her life is forever better for it!