Friday, July 16, 2010

the post where i rant and comlain...

i just need to get a few things off my chest, ok? first of all, my email was hacked today. not just hacked, hacked by viagra ads. are you kidding me? because obviously we need viagra over here! it went out to every single person in my contacts. including my church secretary. including my pastor. including my daughter's kindergarten teacher. awesome. just how i had hoped to start my day!

next topic, bloggers who annoy me. here's the deal: i came across a blog recently that i liked. i started reading. she was funny, clever, had great pics, etc. but now i've realized that all her posts are giveaways. with a personal one every ten or so. not only are they giveaways but you have to do 30 different things to enter. i hate that. i don't want to like you on facebook/leave four comments/follow you on twitter and vote for you in some blogger contest just for some free hair bows for the baby. i'll just buy the darn things! i had to stop following her. enough already!

lastly, i need to talk about this baby of mine who doesn't sleep and now wants to be carried around all day. i get it, you're a diva. but for goodness sake i'd be a much better mommy to you if you'd let me get a little sleep. i could look human for once. i could not have to mentally convince myself not to kick theMr in the head every time he talks about how tired he is. domestic violence is not good for the children. and i'm too tired to do it anyway!


The Boob Nazi said...

haha your comment on my post made me laugh. It was MUCH better than my condescending email I got about it earlier today. "You're not a 'real boob nazi'". I'm technically not Jewish because my grandma was on my father's side, and Jewish culture dictates that you're only Jewish if it's on your maternal side. But whatever!

Carol said...

I get #2. I don't follow if there are giveaways all the time...I'll read those when I feel like it, but I don't like all of those giveaways clogging my reader!

My Hubs does that too,and ever time I say "excuse me?" and he just shuts up...he knows that comparing levels of exhausted with me is not a good idea.