Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a love story...

i want to tell you a love story. ok? who doesn't love a good love story?? it's about a girl. well, really she's a woman. but she feels like a girl at heart.

anyway, she meets her prince charming and they fall in love.

they get married and they have babies, lots of babies.

four babies, to be precise.

they're life is blissful and happy and complete. then one day, the girl finds out she's going to have another baby. the girl is understandably panicked. this was not in her blissful plan! she becomes violently ill for many, many months. her back hurts and she gets weird pregnancy rashes and she gains more weight than any woman should gain with just one baby.

and then one day, it happens. her labor has started. suddenly she has four kids to get settled and a house to get ready and before she knows it there's this doctor telling her she's 8cm dilated and most likely no time for an epidural! now this girl is really unhappy with this unexpected turn of events. but suddenly, after only one push~ a baby is born.

not just any baby. it's esme. and she could not be any more darling. and her head is full of dark, soft hair. and her cheeks are so round they rest on her chest.

and she loves no one as much as her mama, she won't even let other people hold her!

and she stays up all night, even when she's 9 months old because she just wants to be with her mama.

and she grows bigger and smarter and cuter every day.

and even when her mama takes a tiny break from her parenting duties she misses her.

and all her brothers and sisters have nicknames for her like Essie and tiny sister.

and it is the greatest love story ever told.

aren't you glad you heard that?


Sassy said...

What a sweet post!I can't believe how big she is getting!

Susan said...

Very cute! Miss Esme sure is one cute baby girl! ;)

The Boob Nazi said...

awww cute!

Also, Eclipse will be discussed when I decide how I felt about it haha.

themrs said...

thanks ladies, i kinda like her :)

@boob nazi- tread lightly, dear. you're amongst a few die hard fans here! sassy and i may track you down if you say unkind things about our vamps :)

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Thanks