Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry Christmas!

OMG i am so excited. let me give you a bit of background... this Christmas, finances were especially tough. themr and i decided that we would not buy for one another and would use all the money we had for our loved ones. not a big deal, just a necessity this year. now if i were to make a wish list, the item at the very top would be the keurig one cup coffee maker. i have wanted this for months. i love coffee but only if it's fresh. i cannot tell you how many times a day i pour out the coffee and make a new pot. i've tried carafes of every kind to keep it hot and fresh and none of them cut it. as soon as i saw this product i began coveting it. then i saw how much they cost. i then resigned myself to the fact that most likely i'd never get ) and two new starbucks mugs. i am in heaven! i know, it's a little absurd to be this excited about a coffee maker, but i am!!! i can't wait to wake up tomorrow and make myself some coffee!!

p.s. tomorrow i promise i'll talk about my kids christmas and post some pics:) i'm just too excited right now!

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Life with Kaishon said...

Coffee definitely trumps kids and christmas presents : ) They are a dime a dozen in the blogging world today, but fab coffee makers...well, they are a rare treat : ).

I am so happy for you! Coffee makes a huge difference, doens't it.