Wednesday, December 3, 2008

25 days of christmas

well, i was supposed to start my 25 days of christmas posts on the 1st! but.... i got sick this weekend and have been totally out of commission. i'm still sick, but geez it's the third i have to get on this! so without further ado, day 23.....
THERESA! this girl has been my BFF since we were 16. for all intents and purposes we have really grown up together. we've seen each other through boyfriends and breakups, moves and homecomings, skater boys and graffiti artists, marriages and babies... with lots of dancing along the way. so these are the top ten things i LOVE about theresa....

10. she's just cool. we love the same music, we love to dance, we love to laugh at all our inside jokes.
9. she has one of the cutest babies ever. seriously, that guy is so cute.
8. no matter what state we live in, no matter how long since we've talked, it never feels like we've been apart.
7. she's beautiful and she doesn't even know it. imagine the offspring of a caucasian man and a korean woman. she's just gorgeous, inside and out.
6. she has awesome taste! (i mean she's friends with me, right?)
5. she never forgets a birthday, ever. she'll make you a card and always remember to call.
4. she's a really good mom. motherhood has just come naturally to her. you can tell she does a great job by how great her kid is!
3. we have been through so many things together, it's awesome to have a friend who knows your history. we made our histories together.
2. she is so encouraging. i'll be having the worst day and then i'll get some random text from her telling me what a good friend i am. it's always when i most need to hear it.
1. she is fun, spontaneous, smart, classy, beautiful, sensitive and a blast to be around! i love you T!

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SassyMomma said...

AWWW!!! How sweet! She sounds just like my best friend that I have had since I was 15! (Minus the half Caucasion, half Korean part about her!)
Isn't it GREAT to have a friend like her!